7 Decorating mistakes you must stop doing

Decorating Mistakes: We all love decorating houses, rooms, apartments, condos, and places we stay. We love to put on decorations to add beauty and glam to the place. However, decorating an area is also a responsibility of making sure that we bring out the best look of the room. So, we do not want any lapses in this. The beauty of the room depends on our creative and artistic hands. As much as possible, we must avoid creating mistakes when decorating. Because if we do so, whether it is an accident or not, instead of beautifying the room, we will ruin the look of the area we are designing.

Therefore, today, we have gathered some points you should never do when decorating or decorating mistakes. At the end of this article, we are going to share unique decors you might want to add to your interior design.

1. Do not forget about picking a theme

The first thing to do when designing a place, whether it is your living room, your bedroom, or an interior for your business place, you should first think of the theme that will be perfect for the place you have. In this way, it will be easy for you to choose which unique décors should you purchase. Additionally, it will also create uniformity and consistency; which is very important in interior designing.

2. Do not choose furniture out of indecisiveness

Furniture is the one that will surely complete the essence of the place you are designing. That is why you should pick furniture that will come in handy for you. Some of the characteristics furniture should have are the dimensions of the furniture; it shouldn’t be too long or too short for you. Next, the durability of the furniture and the last one is the design. Unique decors such as cushions and throw blankets should also complement your sofa—a very significant piece of furniture you must have. Therefore, contemplate first before actually buying one.

3. Do not hang random stuff on the wall

When designing, we always look forward to decorating the wall. However, the theme you have in mind should be followed even with the decors you are going to paste or hang on the wall. Think about the arrangements of the frame, the patterns you want to achieve, the color of the accent wall, and the other unique decors you want to add. Do not put random stuff on the wall making the wall overly decorated. As much as possible, maintain the class and elegance of your wall.

4. Do not stick on one fabric only

Our unique decors such as cushions, curtains, throw blankets, carpet or rug must differ in terms of fabrics. Do not stick with one fabric only. Choosing various fabrics will create a texture to the room. Famous fabrics you might want to try are velvet, silk, wool, and leather. These will surely add elegance and sophistication to the overall look of your place. On the other hand, when you choose a single fabric for all your unique decors, chances are it will only look boring and dull. Therefore, explore and try various fabrics you can choose from in the market.

5. Do not choose poor lighting fixtures

Lighting also is very significant and one thing designers or homeowners should not forget. Lighting creates brilliance, enhances the beauty of the room, and supplements the arrangement of other unique decors. That is why it is very crucial to choose lighting fixtures that will surely illuminate the whole place. Choosing natural light is also a good choice. Purchasing chandeliers and wall lamps are also a great thing to do. It really depends on your preference. Just remember the rule of the thumb that lighting matters.

6. Do not forget about traffic flow

The arrangement and placement of the furniture, the unique decors, and the smallest designs greatly contribute to the traffic flow your room can have. For instance, your living room should have ample space where people can move freely without hindrance. The same way with the other area of your house. create a perfect layout for this so you can plan properly the traffic flow of your place.

7. Do not make the room too expensive to look at

Putting on many designs can make your room look expensive. And when your room looks expensive, guests and visitors will be intimidated to move and roam around. Therefore, we should make sure that the area we are designing is welcoming, inviting and friendly—that people will like to stay there for a long time. Additionally, choose unique decors that will catch anyone’s attention.

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