Cybersecurity: What Is It & How to Keep Your Company Secure

Your online businesses can no longer be protected via reliable antivirus software. The reason? Well, cyber threats have doubled in number during the last few years. They have also become highly sophisticated. Therefore, some efficient measures of cybersecurity are required to keep your ventures safe. At the same time, companies must be really careful as a tiny little mistake can cost them big time! But what is cybersecurity? It is a practice of protecting your networks, data, devices, and other IT related elements from malicious attacks. There are different types of cybersecurity threats such as phishing, DoS attack, malware, and MitM attack.

Cybersecurity: The Threat Is Real

Many managers usually don’t take the data breach issue seriously. They firmly believe that nothing will go wrong until it is too late and they are forced to shut down due to the malware attacking their systems. Therefore, it is advisable to never rule out the possibility of a hacker ruining your business. You would also be surprised to know that it is often the smaller ventures that are exposed to threats. Hence, it is advisable for one to always remain updated when it comes to cybersecurity trends. This will reduce the chance of your business getting affected.

Let me share an example concerning one of my friends. He is the proud owner of a small start-up. After subscribing to the basic deal from the three different Spectrum internet plans, the first thing he did was to change the passwords of everything including his Wi-Fi connection. This helped him secure his most important files and wireless network. You can also consider doing this to ensure that your data stays safe. But there are more ways as well.

4 Ways to Keep Your Company Safe

Now that you have understood the importance of cybersecurity, let’s look at some of its best practices that will allow you to protect your business.

#1. Perform Regular Data Backups

Data is the most important asset of any business and hackers know it. So, it is not a surprise that data breaches happen every so often. Therefore, you should not leave any stone unturned for protecting the data. In order to ensure that your most sensitive information is safe, you should focus on backing up your data more frequently. You can use a combination of different ways to do this. Here are three solutions that you can use.

  • External hard drive
  • Data recovery program
  • Cloud software

#2. Use Secure Passwords

You must have heard this advice a thousand times but still, there are many people who keep weak passwords that are easy to guess such as “abcd” or “1234”. Don’t make this mistake or it will cause quite a lot of issues for you in the future. Also, avoid using dates, names, or anything else that openly relates to you. The best thing you can do is to create complicated and long passwords that just doesn’t make any sense. One example is 1qaz!QAZ.

#3. Use A VPN   

Why not! In fact, it is considered to be one of the best practices that a company can implement. How? Well, using a VPN will help you surf the internet securely without prying eyes spying on your every move. But, wait! There’s much more to it than just that. Since using a VPN means that your data will be protected with encryption, hackers will find it difficult to access it. Plus, a VPN solution is extremely cheap. Moreover, some of them offer special business plans suitable for most small and mid-sized firms. Isn’t that great?!

#4. Invest in Reliable Firewall

An antivirus is your best friend. Therefore, choose the best tool so you may stop the cyberattacks from happening. Sure, it won’t be able to prevent you from every threat, but investing in reliable firewall security will certainly increase the security strength of your business severalfold. Plus, once you have bought the software, make sure that you keep it updated. As stated earlier that an antivirus alone will not be able to save your business from external threats. Therefore, you should consider combining it with other security tools to create a solid cybersecurity strategy.


There’s no doubt that the importance of cybersecurity has increased significantly during the past few years. And by looking at how the world of business is evolving so rapidly, the protection of data will become even more crucial than ever before. You have to keep in mind that online threats are very different and always serious. It cannot be resolved as simply as calling the Charter customer serviceand asking them to fix a service issue. Digital threats are developing consistently which makes it challenging to protect your business against them. With that in mind, do consider the tips discussed above. Doing this will surely save you from malicious attacks.

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