Easy and Fashionable Video Creation tool that can be used online

We have entered an era in which both individuals and businesses can actively utilize and transmit video content. What would you do if you were suddenly asked to “make a slideshow with photos of your trip” or “make a video of how to use a product”? Although the hurdles of video editing itself have been lowered, it is a field that requires a sense that it may be difficult to convey if you do not hold down the important points to make it look memorable. Maybe some people have been confused when asked suddenly. So, this time, we will introduce a new style of video creation service, FlexClip video maker.

What is FlexClip?

Speaking of video editing, FourCreeds says there are many images of YouTubers and TV station people doing advanced things toward personal computers. There are also talks about the need for a high-performance personal computer and the need for expensive software. Of course, professionals are good at using them, but many people say it is difficult to prepare such equipment.

FlexClip is a web application that runs on a web browser. The recommended environment is Google Chrome, but when I tried it in the editorial department, it also works in Safari. If you access the service with your preferred browser, you can start using it immediately.

Features of FlexClip Video Maker

I summarized the features of FlexClip Video Maker as below.

1. Intuitive operation

The operation method is insanely easy. Even those who had never experienced video editing were able to edit without any problems.

2. Abundant materials

When making a video, it can be a hassle to prepare materials. But with FlexClip Video Maker, there are over 1,000,000 royalty-free materials.

3. Abundant templates

Templates are very much appreciated for me, who has no design sense. You can make a video just by changing the template video or the wording. FlexClip Video Maker has more than 1000 templates, so you’re sure to find one that’s close to the one you want to create. Here are some examples:

  • Free Templates for Beauty Intro & Outro
  • Free Templates for Housewarming Party
  • Promote Your Wedding Service with Video

By the way, the template is almost 30 seconds long, so you can use most of the templates as they are. You can freely change the text, video, and audio of the template so that you can match the wedding video with your own business video.

4. No need for a high-spec PC

Personally, this was the biggest advantage for me. Video editing often requires a computer with high specifications, but FlexClip Video Maker is completed with a browser so that you can use it from any computer.

Who is FlexClip designed for

Recommend those who run web media, freelance creators, corporate public relations, etc., who need to quickly create simple promotional materials with simple operations. On the other hand, those who aim for YouTube should try this software because it is a storyboard-type editing system so that everything is easy.

What kind of video you can make with FlexClip: Video Creation

I feel that it is suitable for making “short videos that connect multiple materials.” For example, it is suitable for easily creating short videos that combine various materials rather than feature-length works. You can make videos posted on SNS, tutorial videos, introduction videos of groups and companies, notices of events and works, slide shows, etc. In SNS centered on Instagram and TikTok, promotions such as running advertisements with short clips of about 15 seconds are becoming a trend, and it can be said that the need to create such short videos is increasing.

On the other hand, the video production style, like presentation software that connects multiple materials for each scene, is called storyboard editing. When the composition of the entire video can be imagined, the materials are arranged according to the rough flow. It’s easy to use. Even for professional video editing, the timeline method is the main method for detailed editing rather than the storyboard method, so many software are significantly different from FlexClip in terms of usability. Even those who have touched editing software may take some time to get used to it.


To add a little bit, you can do this with the free plan. What you can do with the free plan

  • You can make videos with 480p SD quality
  • Slightly coarse quality videos
  • Only one video can be included in one work
  • Up to 12 items can be saved
  • Infinite if the completed video is saved on the PC
  • Video length up to 1 minute

First of all, it’s a good idea to try out how you can use it with the free plan. Below is a summary of what kind of people the paid plan is suitable for.

1. Basic plan ($4.99/mo)

It is good for those who want to add subtitles and animations to existing videos during video creation.

2. Plus plan ($7.99/mo)

During video creation it is good for those who want to make PR videos that combine multiple videos.

3. Business plan ($19.99/mo)

You can buy it if you need unlimited templates and resources or you need high-resolution videos while video creation.

To sum up

Now that video transmission has become more active, why don’t you try creating and transmitting videos easily with FlexClip? After all, the biggest feature of FlexClip is that you can complete video editing online and for free. There are plenty of video materials and text animations, and if you use templates, it will be fashionable and tasteful.

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