Here are some Pros and Cons of Permanent Dentures

When someone thinks of Permanent Dentures they may automatically think of the scene of someone’s fake teeth soaking in a glass of water on their bedside table. Or they may remember the several viral videos showing denture mishaps. Even though there are negative videos showing the cons to dentures there are just as many pros to these restorations. Dentures have been wonderful restorations for people who have lost their teeth or overcome dental anxiety. Losing teeth can be devastating and in the past, there weren’t many options to replace them.

With the creation of dentures, a person without teeth doesn’t have to live forever with that tooth loss. It is important though, for someone who is contemplating getting dentures, to understand that they can have problems and they do require some getting used to. In this article, we will be discussing permanent dentures. These dentures are attached permanently in the mouth with the use of implants. We will focus on how these dentures work and on the pros and cons of having them placed in the mouth.

Before we focus on the pros and cons of permanent dentures it’s important to understand exactly what dentures are and how they become permanently attached to the mouth. Dentures are prosthetic devices that are made to fit the roof of a person’s mouth and the ridge on their lower jaw. Dentures are made of acrylic material. This material is lightweight and very durable and can withstand the pressures placed on it from biting and chewing.

When a person decides to have dentures done impressions of their mouth will be made. A special lab will fabricate the dentures from these impressions. Dentures are made to fit tightly to a person’s upper and lower arch. This tightness helps to keep the dentures in while the person eats or talks.

However, as a person uses the dentures and as they age their gums can shrink causing the dentures to become loose and slip up and down. This can make eating and talking very difficult or hard to chive. The constant movement can begin to cause discomfort. Food can also slip underneath the gaps between the dentures and the gums and cause sores.

There are several ways a person can improve the fit of their dentures. One way is to use over-the-counter denture adhesives. Denture adhesive helps fill in the gaps and tighten the denture to the arch. Another way to improve the fit is to have the denture relined by the dentist and the lab. A reline is done with new impressions and can help restore the denture to its original fit. The last way to improve the fit of dentures is to have implants placed in the jaw and have the denture fit onto those implants.

There are two different types of implant dentures. One type snaps onto the implants but is removable. The other type is attached permanently onto the implants and can only be removed by the dentist and with special instruments. These dentures are called permanent dentures.

There are several pros and cons to having permanent dentures placed. A person who is deciding what type of denture is best for them may want to know all the pros and cons of the different procedures they have to choose from.

Some pros to permanent dentures include:

  • They last longer
  • Are more durable
  • Do not move up and down when eating or talking
  • Look more natural
  • Are more comfortable
  • Less food gets trapped underneath them
  • Can be cleaned while in the mouth like natural teeth
  • Fit tightly against the gums
  • Are easier to bite through food with
  • Less likely to need a reline
  • Dental adhesive does not need to be used

Some of the cons to permanent dentures include:

  • They are more expensive than other denture options
  • Can cause gum irritation if not cleaned and cared for properly
  • Implants used to secure the denture must be placed surgically into the jaw

It’s important for each person to weigh all the pros and cons of each denture option before they make a decision. Educating oneself on the subject is so important. Apple Blossom Dentistry provides free consultations and can go over each option to make sure the patient is comfortable with their choice. If you or someone you know is interested in dentures contact a dentist today for more information on permanent dentures

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