How Can You Boost Your Business With Innovative Soap Packaging?

Soap Packaging: Cleanliness has always been important for humans, and soaps are the oldest cleansing agent known to us. Its tales meet with the ancient middle east about 2800 BC. Initially, it contained water, alkali, and cassia oil. Later this formula was improved from time to time. The use of soap was discovered in many civilizations like the Roman Empire, old Chinese culture, the Islamic golden age in the Middle East, and Medieval Europe.

Now, this soap business has evolved into a proper industry, and it is an item to use on a daily basis. These soaps now come in many shapes, styles, and fragrances. Nowadays, soap companies use attractive customized Kraft soap packaging boxes that are eco-friendly as well as preserves soap ingredients and aroma.

Scientists are introducing new and improved formulas to produce better soap. That’s why there are many types of soaps these days, for example:

  • Glycerin based Soaps

Handmade soaps are the most basic type of soap. Glycerine is extracted from fat. All handmade soaps carry this glycerine and many other remains from chemical reactions during its production. In addition, soap-making companies use glycerine removed from the soap production process in many other cosmetics.

  • Clear Type Soaps

Clear type soaps are produced using a hot process containing only sugar, glycerine, alcohol, and 75% hard oil. Added alcohol makes soap a transparent soap or clear soap.

  • Dishwash Soap

These soaps are used in kitchens for dishwashing purposes. Dishwash soap is more powerful to clean oily dishes. These soaps come in both liquid and bar form.

  • Beauty Soap

These Beauty soaps are precisely balanced to clean and protect skin from the side effects of ingredients being used. Beauty soaps come in many fragrances and different types for dry or oily skins.

  • Guest Soap

These soaps are used mainly in hotels or guest houses. Guest soap is unusual in size because these soaps are considered for one-time use.

  • Liquid or Handwash

Handwash is liquified soap with the same properties as a regular soap but in a liquified form for ease of use. This soap is generally used in public places or offices.

  • Laundry Soaps

Laundry soaps are used explicitly for laundry or cleaning of clothes. The formula used in laundry soap is versatile and powerful to clean many different stains from your laundry.

Packaging Importance

Different marketing strategy is used for all of these soaps in the market. Soap colors, design fragrances, and advertisements play an essential role in the sale of a product. These soaps needed to be packed well to preserve their fragrance and cleaning effects. There are many types of packaging used for this purpose, but the most important is eco-friendly and green for nature. People look forward to companies taking steps to prevent the environment from damaging.

There are many types of packaging being used for different soaps. However, few of the packaging designs are mentioned here to adopt a biodegradable and stylish and market the product better.

1-Slideable Soap Boxes

Kraft is highly eco-friendly and robust to carry almost anything secure and can be designed in any shape efficiently. In addition, slideable soapboxes are very innovative and stylish looking. You can design these boxes according to your brand requirements to make them superior to all of your competitors. Typically two pieces of packaging are used in its design; one part covers the top lid, and the other one carrying the actual product slides out of the box. It is a user-friendly boxing solution. You don’t have to separate pieces to take a look or draw the item. Recyclable material makes this packaging solution very economical, attractive, and eco-friendly.

2- Get Rid of Rectangle Box

Designs of boxes are changing very rapidly due to the customization of packages. For example, a beauty soap packaging in a hexagonal box will look far better and more presentable for your buyers. These types of designs can also be used as soap gifts while someone bought a new house and you are giving them gift packs. In addition, people like reusable boxing these days; therefore, a pretty hexagon-styled box will attract customers more. Hexagon boxes also consist of two pieces, the top lid, and base carrying the main product.

3- Portions in Packaging

When you give your customers a different experience, you can make them happy by delivering multiple soaps with different colors and fragrances in a single packaging. Portion-based packaging will help you pretty much in this area. Design a portion-based packaging put other styled soaps, and make your customers happy with your new styling. You can also add some giveaways by using this type of soap packaging.

4- Customized wooden box

These wooden boxes will give your customers a classy feel for your product. In addition, you can launch a limited-time offer with this new exciting packaging to boost your business. However, this packaging is eco-friendly but will cost a little expensive than kraft based packaging solution. But as mentioned earlier, custom wooden boxes can be offered for a limited time to boost business sales. Moreover, you can give this packaging a gift to anyone in their baby shower and many other occasions.

5-Clear Plastic

If your soaps are very colorful and stylish in design, you can use a less recommended clear plastic solution to show your soap designs. These plastic boxes will be reusable as well.

6- Windowed Boxes

A premium alternative to the clear plastic box is windowed boxes. These windowed kraft boxes give your product a very premium look and a small window to show how your beautiful product looks like. You can have a glimpse of your beautifully packed product inside the box. These boxes are also very appealing on the shelves and attract more customers than any other box design.

Where to Get Stylish Boxes?

For your new marketing strategy, you can change packaging style and design. There are many innovative soap packaging designs available at Stampa Prints. You can select any design from the website and ask for a quote. They are recommended service providers because of their strong customer support and delivery in minimum time. You can avail exciting discount by increasing number of packages, minimum order ranger from 100 to onwards.

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