How to Buy Men’s Watch: Factors you need to consider

Whenever you decided to buy a men’s watch and visit an online watch shop they offer endless choices and varieties that anybody can feel astounded.   Showing up at any choice becomes harder when you explore various brands and see their products. Some mention quartz, while some refer to automatic movements. Some are dress watches, while others are dive watches.

These are only a glimpse of the complexities that you deal with when browsing through the choices. Due to this, what you expected to be a relaxing exercise becomes a loaded activity. To help you avoid all the problems, FourCreeds provide you a short guide on what you should search for when looking for a branded watch.

Guide for Online Watch Shopping

Explore Some Genres or styles


Much the same as some other thing watches additionally want various events and moods. So you run over the moderate watch, diving watch, dress watch, etc. diving watches are for individuals who like to keep in contact with water. These watches show a high water-resistance of 100m to 400m. Usually, a diving watch includes a tough look with a radiant watch face and dial and the pivoting bezel. Moderate watches come in modern designs and technology to suit the flavor of contemporary purchasers. Its inside is as significant as the outside. A dress watch needs trimmings. Simple face, Roman lists, and leather strap can be a portion of their trademark highlights. The smooth structure can go unnoticed until you sport it.

Basic styles in men’s watches are:

  1. Dress Watches
  2. Field Watches
  3. Aviator Watches
  4. Dive Watches
  5. Racing Watches


When you visit an online watch store, you can check the watch details to know each n everything about that series. You often come across case size 41mm, 43mm, or so. For slender wrists, a case size up to 40 or 41mm can be good. However, those with large wrists can go up to 43 to 46mm.



Watch movement refers to how the watch functions. In this section, we cover n talk about watch movements. There are 3 types of watch movement below:


Quartz movements are accurate and require less maintenance besides battery replacements. They will in general be minimal effort since they are battery controlled and have few moving parts. Quartz watches aren’t as alluring to most watch fans since they do not have the specialized craftsmanship and designing of mechanical timepieces.


Mechanical Movement

Mechanical movements are frequently picked over quartz movements for luxury watches because of their significant level of value and craftsmanship. Capably made by master watchmakers, these movements contain a perplexing series of little parts cooperating to power the watch. In spite of the fact that the overall plan of mechanical watches hasn’t changed much in centuries, innovation has taken into account more exact engineering and more attention to detail.

There are two types of mechanical movement below:

  1. Manual Movement
  2. Automatic Movement

Exact time perusing is conceivable just with quartz movement. On the off chance that you pick automatic movement, you may go around 30 seconds slow or fast longer than seven days. In this way, choose what makes a difference to you the most.

Function & Personality

Various watches come with a number of different functions. They can be water-resistant up to 100-400 meters, sense the temperature, track fitness information, and substantially more. At the point when you’re getting one as a gift, survey the personality and lifestyle of the individual you’re offering it to. Is it accurate to say that they are a major aficionado of the outdoor? Do they wear business clothing regularly? Responding to these inquiries can help you with your decision. One model would purchase a Fitbit for a fitness buff. Another is getting rough, highlight hefty outside watch for somebody that goes camping frequently.


Metal and leather are the most widely recognized, and they work in practically all situations. Rubber and nylon straps are most popular for rough conditions or individuals going for a novel look.

The reality with regards to giving gifts is that your adored one will probably welcome whatever you give them. All things considered, placing some idea into buying an item that accommodates their character well merits your time and vitality. On the off chance that you conclude that a watch bodes well for your next gift, you currently know which factors to consider and how to make the ideal pick.

There are 14 types of watch strap based on the styles most commonly used.

  1. Normal Leather Strap
  2. Stitched Leather Strap
  3. Exotic or Grained Leather
  4. Double Ridged Strap
  5. Rally Strap
  6. Zulu Strap
  7. Bund Strap
  8. Nato Strap
  9. Perlon
  10. Milanese/Mesh Bracelet
  11. President Bracelet
  12. Oyster Bracelet
  13. Jubilee Bracelet
  14. Engineer Bracelet
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