Ideas to Make Your Living Room Glam

Living room decorating is one of the most difficult and important areas in your home. It’s where you entertain guests, spend time with family, watch TV or movies, take naps. So it’s very important to get this area right. Do you want to make your living room feel glamorous?

It can be challenging to make our living room look like the glamorous interior we want it to be. But, there are some tricks and ideas that you can use to make your living room feel and look more luxurious. It’sIt’s easier than you think! With just a few small changes in the room, you can transform it. Read on for some inspiration and ideas.

Here are some ways to make your living room feel more glamorous:

Pick up a few new accessories

A coffee table book, an interesting dish or decorative bowl, and fresh flowers will immediately add glamour to space! An accent area rug can also help tie together different areas of the floor in one cohesive design. For example, if your living room includes a sitting area and an entertainment nook, you might want to get an accent rug for the center of the space. 

Choose your furniture wisely

A sofa with deep cushions is perfect for modern glamour because it has a lot of softness without being too fluffy or cuddly! If you have some spare space, try adding a couple of mid-century modern chairs or an ottoman. Puffs and a colorful couch with a glitter fabric throw can also make a glamorous statement. On the other hand, a leather sofa can be sleeker, and therefore perfect for a luxe look.

Replace the curtains and blinds with velvet drapes for a luxurious look.

Replace all the curtains and blinds of the home with velvet drapes to get that luxurious vibe. Choose one color as your main accent for the room, such as fuchsia or emerald green, then try adding accents in other colors like gold and grey. Try selecting a single dominant hue for your living space’s palette using it on walls and furniture. Combine that with ribbon trimming to give it some extra glamour! Your curtains should be at least 108″ long so you can tie them back on the side ash. Also, make sure the curtains touch the floors to give it a luxe style.

Crystal Accessories on Coffee table and Side Tables

The coffee table is the focal point of your living room, so make it stand out with a few crystal accessories. The best way to bring this style home is by using different vases and candlesticks on side tables or other surfaces around the coffee table itself. Arrange them in groups of three for an even more dramatic effect!

Make it Comfy

Besides, style luxury is another name for comfort. Make sure your living room is cozy by adding a few extra pillows and blankets in the corner. Also, go for comfortable furniture items such as a plush leather couch or velvet sofa. Place cushions in contrasting colors for a unique touch.

Candles and Flowers

Candles have the power to transform any living room into an inviting, cozy space that’s perfect for relaxing on chilly evenings. All you need is some candle holders or cups filled with water so that they won’t be knocked over easily! Having fresh flowers around will also make the front room more vibrant and welcoming.


Another idea is to place a mirror on the wall or ceiling so you can reflect natural light into the room! Mirrors also have an amazing ability to make any space look larger than it is, making it feel like your living room never ends! You could even hang some funky framed mirrors on the sidewall. A standing mirror in the corner will make space shine and create a dramatic new look.


It’sIt’s also important to think about what type of flooring you have in your living room! Wood floors are great because they’re durable, especially if you use coasters or mats when sitting down (or bring out an old rug!). If You are looking for a rug, consider one in rich colors or patterns to make your space feel cozy and inviting.

Invest in a Rug

Rugs make your space feel cozy and inviting, but they also make a huge impact on your room décor. Place a rug at the entrance or the center of your living room to create an instant focal point for guests when you have them over or want to decorate! If you don’t have much space in your apartment, we recommend going with smaller than six feet. Also, a round rug will give an open and enlarged feel. If you are doing a lot of sitting or standing in the room, we recommend getting something plus her with padding underfoot for extra support. Moreover, Don’tDon’t forget about your sofa! It is a great way to make it feel like home by adding pillows and throws that coordinate with your décor theme.


It’sIt’s also important to think about the color of paint you have on the walls! If You want something light and airy with pops of bright colors, then choose a soft blue as the main wall color. There are so many paint colors to choose from, but we recommend going with a lighter color for the walls. As you may have noticed in your search, light colors make any space feel larger and brighter! If you don’t want to commit now, this is one of those things where it’s worth it to take your time picking out just the right color.

Window Treatments

Lastly, let’s talk about window treatments! You can make your windows look so much larger by adding curtains or blinds, and the best part is that they come in so many styles to fit any budget! Cords are one of our favorite trends right now because it gives a simple but chic touch to your living area.

Summing Up

 Your living room or front room is where you spend most of your time, so it’s important to make this area as comfortable and welcoming as possible. The first step in doing that is by picking out a luxurious style rug for your flooring. At RugKnots, we have an impressive selection of styles, from traditional rugs to a modern twist on classic designs like Moroccan or Tibetan carpets. We also offer custom sizes if needed! Order yours today!

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