Investing in an ECR Plot: The Advantages and Disadvantages, and the Solution

In the wake of the pandemic, home buyers’ preferences are shifting. As the acceptance of performing from home has increased, more people are looking for opportunities outside of cities, such as ECR, which is a peaceful beachside venue. As a result, there has been a rise in demand for plots and plotted developments, as some people prefer individual homes to apartments in societies. Plot investments, on the other hand, have their own combination of advantages and disadvantages.

Homebuyers and investors often wonder if plots or apartments are the better investment option. Plots are chosen by the majority of people. Since the land has a higher resale value than residential properties, it remains a popular investment option. Buying a plot and customizing it to your specifications may seem to be a good idea, but one must weigh the benefits and drawbacks before making a decision. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a plot in ECR.



According to FourCreeds plots in ECR are less expensive than residential land. In addition to houses, the land tax on plots is also reduced. Furthermore, no repairs are needed, resulting in cost savings. For those on a tight budget, it’s a more cost-effective investment and a strong capital investment.

Increased Profits

The size, place, and available space all influence the price of a story. The value of land assets is increasing at a faster rate than the value of an apartment. Land prices will increase as the basic infrastructure surrounding the property improves, resulting in higher returns on investment.

Adaptability and customization

Purchasing a plot helps you to tailor your home to your individual needs and specifications, ensuring that it not only reflects your personality but also suits your lifestyle. You also have the option of adding more floors builders merchants Sussex and spaces if the need arises in the future. Although it is impossible to increase the number of rooms in an apartment, it is possible to do so with the land after obtaining the required permits and sanctions.

Costs Are Distributed

Buying land allows you to spread out the costs over time. You do have the option of purchasing land first and then constructing a house later when you have the funds.


Plots are less expensive and arrive faster than homes. Furthermore, the consumer has no contractual responsibilities until the payment is made.


Civic Amenities are in short supply.

Residential plots often lack basic civic amenities such as a well-developed access road, water, electricity, and sanitation. It’s important to consider all of these factors before purchasing a plot in ECR.

Additional Due Diligence

Investing in land enabled the customer to conduct thorough due diligence to ensure that the title is clear and that the plot’s title is free of encumbrances. The plot’s development must be well-defined. Additionally, possible plot encroachments should be considered.


Banks provide home loans for all types of apartments and flats, regardless of place or size. On the other side, land loans are only available for plots within the municipal limits. Furthermore, you will not be eligible for a loan to purchase agricultural land or a small plot of land in a village. A land loan, on the other hand, can only provide 70% financing with a pre-determined loan amount cap, while a home equity credit can provide up to 85% financing.


In recent years, the demand for investment plots in ECR has risen sharply, and many of the city’s leading developers are now offering plotted projects in ECR by converting some of their land banks into small layouts.

These plans include features such as well-developed highways, connectivity, water, electricity, street lights, sanitation, walkways, and access to commercial amenities, which minimize the risk of purchasing a property. Aditya ram Properties is the most suitable choice for you if you’re looking to invest in luxurious plots in ECR.

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