Know about the Demolition Process for Buildings and Structures

Various reasons for refurbishing a building structure are available for us and it is a process is known that must be adhered to. It is a fact that is known to all that every building has its own lifespan, and this is known as design life according to the architect. Once the building reaches the end of its life like for instance about 80 to 100 years, then it becomes dangerous for not only the habitation but also the adjacent buildings around it.

The demolition experts decide to demolish a building by considering different factors. The area of concern for the experts is.

  • The location of the building.
  • The building materials used for construction.
  • Purpose of demolition.
  • Ways to dispose of the debris.


This kind of demolition is in one way quite dramatic. This basically involves the use of explosives to knock out the primary vertical support of the building. As a result, the building collapses from inside out onto itself. The demolition is safe and successful only if the placement of the explosive charges is done rightly.

According to FourCreeds, the building can be successfully demolished if a complete set of structural blueprints are analyzed by the blaster crews. This is done to identify the main components of the building and whether other areas of the structure need to be blasted. The crews then determine the types of explosives that must be used as well as where and how to conduct the demolition.

High Reach Arm

This kind of demolition is an alternative to implosion and is only used for buildings that are of more than 66 feet high. A method that has a base machine lists examples like an excavator that is fitted along with a demolition arm which consists of a telescopic boom. The professionals use demolition tools like instance crushers or shears, or hammers to demolish the building from top to bottom.

High-reach arm demolition is usually used on masonry, steel, and concrete. It is considered to be safer as compared to the traditional way of demolishing buildings.

Wrecking Ball

One of the oldest and the most common methods of demolition are wrecking ball or ball demolition. This is mostly used for concrete or other masonry structures. Experienced and skilled operators must do this because the method demands a suspension from a crane or other heavy equipment. It is critical to control the smoothness of the swing of the ball. The size of the building that can be demolished will depend upon the size of the crane and the working room. This kind of demolition creates not only dust but also vibration and noise.

Selective Demolition

The most popular kind of demolition is selective demolition and the reason for it is. That it allows the builders to recycle or reuse the materials of the building. This is an advantage because the brick, metals, and wood are all used to create new buildings. The intention of this method is to utilize the maximum amount of primary and secondary material in a safe and cost-effective procedure. This process is basically labor-intensive. And so becomes difficult to be used in a timely and economical manner, especially for light-framed buildings.

The demolition of a building undergoes different types of techniques and this may change depending upon the geographical area. The experts also must take care before demolishing. Where exactly is the building situated and the building material that has been used during the time of construction? The main purpose of this procedure is to recover the maximum amount of material in an efficient manner.

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