Link-Building Campaigns: How to Get Started in an Article Marketing Campaign

Link-Building Campaigns: In web programming, a link, or more precisely, a link reference, is a representation of data that the browser can follow after clicking or typing in an address. The link points to some specific element in a document or an entire file. Web browsers make use of links as markers to identify web pages. A hyperlink is generally recognized by a symbol (a plus sign) followed by a colon. The hyperlink is then followed by another element, which in the case of a web browser is another web page.

A hyperlink is used mainly to take a user to another part of a website. It may connect the former point to another area on the same site, or it may lead to another website. Some links provide the only means of communication between two locations, at least in the case of corporate networks. Corporate links are normally associated with email addresses and are usually visible to all network users.

Give Yourself Enough Time.

The Internet was created as a method for broadcasting messages to large numbers of people. It was not considered a viable information medium for a long time. During this time, electronic mail was established as a common means of communication. One of its important characteristics was the ability to send a message across distances without the use of any landline phone lines. Soon, other means of communication were discovered, and soon after that instant messaging and chat rooms became prominent online.

Search engines help users find relevant websites based on certain keywords or tags that the search bar generates. One of the most common ways of search engine optimization (SEO)    involves straight from the source creating hyperlinks from the main pages of a website to related or alternative pages. The number of links that appear increases. The greater the number of links, the higher the site ranks. Higher rankings increase traffic, visibility, and sales.

Creating links is not enough if the target website isn’t relevant. For example, if a business website is about golf, then the URL should point to golf-related content on other websites. On the other hand, just putting the URL to a site that offers free information won’t make it very successful. A good link needs to be used strategically.

Put a Plan In Place.

Choosing the right link-building campaigns requires planning and patience. Without prior research, it’s easy to end up doing things in the wrong way. A popular way of gaining backlinks is pay-per-click (PPC). With this method, advertisers only pay for the link when someone clicks on it. This approach has many advantages such as high visibility on search results and instant exposure.

The most effective link-building campaigns, however, involve SEO techniques. One method is article marketing. Since articles are typically written about a particular industry, they have high search engine rankings. Once published, they are widely distributed throughout the internet. Because links are included in every article, these articles can be effectively utilized in link-building campaigns. Another advantage is that an entire website can be built around one article.


Other SEO practices include building blogs and websites. The purpose of these is not to link back to the parent website, but to promote the author’s website and to generate additional views. Link-building techniques applied to blogs and websites need to include keywords and phrases that will be frequently searched by potential readers. Also, the links should be positioned in an area where readers will find them. These techniques take time but are effective and can help a website to gain popularity and link popularity.

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