More Website Traffic: Top Reasons Why It Isn’t Always Good For Business

Organic SEO has a number of aspects and among these aspects, an aspect that is very important is to generate more website traffic. Doing all this is the SEO professionals’ job. They have to implement a number of things so as to monitor the website of their client:

  • Some recommendations that are off-page
  • Plans for strategic content
  • A number of technical optimizations

You will always see the organic traffic highlights in all the reports of SEO because this KPI is very important. But sometimes your business does not benefit even after getting more Website traffic on their website. Now I am going to give you 7 reasons why more website traffic is sometimes not better for business.

1- Visitors are unable to find what they are looking for and a mismatch in the intent occurs –

There is a possibility that for a particular query your site ranks high and a user looking for that query takes interest in visiting your site’s page by clicking on a result. But if the intent of the user and the results do not match then the user will not stay on your site anymore. Because of this, the time on site will be lower and the bounce rate will be higher. So, we can say that the traffic has been generated because of the user’s visit to your site but it is not beneficial to your business.

2- You have a poorly executed content strategy or do not have any content strategy –

If there is a mess in your house’s every room then hosting a party in it will not be possible for you. Similarly, the users will not stay on your site for a longer time if

  • It has content that is poorly written
  • Also, It does not support mobile device
  • It loads slowly

3- Without conversions, there is no value in getting more traffic –

As compared to achieving 25 % conversions from 200,000 visitors, it is far better to achieve 50 % conversions from 100,000 visitors. We cannot say that driving more traffic only is your SEO strategy’s goal. In order to achieve the organic results that are the best, it is necessary that the conversion rate improves with more traffic.

4- Your website receives negative press –

Sometimes because of unwanted reasons again in the traffic occurs. If your organic traffic increases because of negative press or scrutinizing your business then under this situation telling the client that with the passing of time the organic traffic is increasing, will not yield good results. It will not be considered good for a site if the number of visitors to it increases because of a scandal.

5- It is not always positive if across every channel there is more traffic –

Sometimes driving more website traffic is not ideal with the use of a channel other than the organic channel. If for the user experience, technical use, and content you do not optimize a site and use paid channel to drive traffic to it then instead of getting positive results you will get negative results. As an example, in order to drive more traffic, a higher CPA may be paid with the use of PPC by our counterparts but the users do not take interest in staying on the web page.

6- The traffic is coming from bots and not from humans –

It is crucial to analyze Google Analytics for the channels and sources of traffic. If a lot of traffic comes from spambots instead of humans then we cannot consider it good. Bots are responsible for creating various activities on a website and these activities are nearly 37 %. Only 50 % of these activities are considered as good. The traffic data inflates or skews because of the illegitimate traffic that comes from a spambot.

7- You waste resources that are valuable –

On several occasions, the resources strain as a result of an increase in the traffic to the site. There is a possibility that more traffic is driven by content that provides solid information. However, people may not find this content as valuable to them. Because of this, undesired results may be obtained. Here a lot of efforts have been made by several people in inquiring, chatting, emailing, and making field calls. These people may be agents of the customer service and the frontline staff.

Instead of driving traffic only, drive value also

It is not possible to drive meaningful traffic all the time. A warning needs to be given with SEO’s fundamental aspects whenever your site drives traffic. One of SEO’s fundamental aspects is to drive traffic of high quality. Adding a value is not possible if:

  • For achieving better conversions, you don’t do optimization
  • For attracting the users, you do not create a piece of content that is engaging

No value will be provided here, only traffic will increase.

While doing optimization you need to consider the actions taken by your traffic as well as their quality.

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