Newtop Starts Supplying High Precision Silicone Products

Have you heard about Newtop? It’s most likely that you haven’t. But worry not, as we will tell you about them and the fact that they are starting to supply businesses and entrepreneurs with high-precision silicone products.

Newtop is one of the largest OEM silicone manufacturer in China. They are committed to offering small and large companies around the world the highest-quality silicone products. With them, you’ll not only get exclusive solutions with the best service and quality but also reasonable prices for your silicone projects.

Their services cover the entire life cycle and process of getting custom silicone products, which include, molding, designing, printing, packaging, etc. Thanks to their long and extensive years of expertise in manufacturing silicone products, they will bring the concept of your product to life much faster than any other manufacturer and also offer you a lower cost that brings actual commercial advantages to you.

If you have finally decided to work with them to get your custom silicone products, their team will communicate with you and go over closely about your needs, so they can formulate solutions that target all of your needs and requirements.

All of the details of your products are customizable. They will be able to adjust the formulation of the materials and also the process of manufacturing so they can customize efficiently not only the appearance, structure, and performance but also many other details of your product.

They offer exclusive, permanent, and unique precision molds for your products, giving you ownership of them. They will be keeping them safe and ready for you to use whenever you need them. This helps you avoid having other companies copy your unique designs and ideas for products and profiting from your ideas. Which is something a lot of companies and entrepreneurs suffer from a lot lately.

And the best thing is that their services include added value, like sitting, post-curing, assembly, printing, laser marking, packaging, etc. You just tell them what you need and they’ll be responsible for helping you to realize them. I’m sure not many companies will offer you these kinds of services and benefits and the reasonable prices Newtop does.

If you are wondering about how the process to create and supply you with customed high-precision silicone products then here it is in more depth. It starts with the design of the products.

Once they have received detailed information from you about the requirements of your product, they will discuss it with you and build 3D CAD files according to each specific situation and need.  Through the digital model analysis, the team will go on how to process and even customize incoming samples, develop molds and give the customers appropriate and reasonable design solutions that have the best quality and performance.

Then comes the silicone prototype type of the process. Once the designs and drawings are confirmed by you, they will develop molds and build prototypes. The purpose of this part of the process is to verify and also assist the client and help them understand the characteristics of their products.

And then comes mass production. Following the production plan that was approved by the client, the raw materials will be manufactured into real products thanks to precise molding, demolding, and other processes, such as post-curing.

As you can see, they will involve you during the whole process until you get the final product on your hands and ready to sell it to your clients. If you were looking for such a good manufacturer and supplier of high-precision silicone products, then they should be your first choice for sure.

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