PayKun Review: Should you use PayKun for your business?

When digitization is taking over, Payment gateways are empowering businesses to accept online payments. There are great payment gateway options, one of them is PayKun. This blog is to share the review of the PayKun Payment Gateway in India.

PayKun is a reliable, trusted, and PCI DSS compliant secured payment gateway. It follows the AES encryption standards and of course is SSL certified. It has an amazing team in Gujarat.

This is an emerging payment gateway. In a very short span of time, it has gained a lot of popularity and as per the reports thousands of merchants are successfully accepting smooth and secure online payments with PayKun.

It was launched in 2018 but already various types of small, medium, and large businesses are using it in various ways. It has only completed a few years but is giving strong competition in the payment gateway market.

As per the reports, the total number of registered merchants with this payment gateway is 15000+ currently.

Review of PayKun Payment Gateway

Here in the blog, FourCreeds helps you get a review of PayKun payment gateway and the answer to your question – ‘should you use PayKun?’

The short-form answer is ‘Yes’. The long-form answer is discussed in the further part of this blog:

The two main reasons for choosing PayKun over other payment gateway options are as below:

  • Transaction Discount Rate (TDR)

It has among the lowest TDR of flat 1.75%. There is no other fee such as setup, maintenance, or integration. It also provides free integration assistance.

  • Customer Support

This is one of the things that lacks in most payment gateway companies. But the merchant and the customer support service is the best in this Payment Gateway. It should get a 5-Star Rating in this feature.

It has live chat, email, call, and Whatsapp support too. For every account activated, it assigns a dedicated account manager to each merchant account.

Other PayKun Features

Let us get a review of other PayKun features, which are also very vital to consider when choosing a payment gateway.

  • Onboarding

This aspect of any gateway includes a lot of things such as process, coordination, communication, and easiness. PayKun makes all efforts to make sure that the merchants experience a smooth onboarding process.

Its onboarding specialists are constantly in touch to get the merchants through the whole process. They are reachable through call and email and if required through Whatsapp.

The whole account onboarding process is led by one single point of contact making it further easier.

With all the obligatory requirements being fulfilled it takes only a few hours for the activation of your account. In many cases, it can happen within 1-3 hours too.

  • Integration

PayKun has ready integration kits supporting various website and mobile application platforms-

  • Android
  • iOS
  • PHP
  • Python
  • .Net
  • Js Checkout
  • Java
  • OpenCart
  • PrestaShop
  • WHMCS Integration
  • x_Donation
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • Node JS

Its developer-friendly technical documentation makes using PayKun as easy as ABC. As mentioned earlier it provides free technical and integration assistance too. Thus, you need not worry about technical or integration concerns when using PayKun.

  • Payment Links & Payment Button

No business website/app does not mean you cannot accept online payments. PayKun payment links make it happen.

You can receive online payments securely through email, text, WhatsApp, etc with these links.

They are free and easy to create and only the usual per transaction charge is to be paid. It works as smoothly as it works on a website or mobile application.

Integration is not suitable for all businesses, there are websites that may require a direct payment button without a prior checkout.

PayKun payment button embed code can be easily generated for the same with no technical knowledge requirements. This button code can then be added easily to the website.

  • Multiple Popular Payment Modes

The increase in smartphone usage has resulted in an increase in payment mode options. UPI and credit cards are most popular.

PayKun offers 120+ payment modes including credit cards, debit cards, net banking, UPI, wallets, single QR code, and EMI too.

Whether it is integration on the website/app or the payment links, all the payment modes are available and your customers can pay with their preferred one.

  • International Payments

Merchants can accept card payments from international customers. PayKun supports multiple currencies and all major countries.

  • Power dashboard for merchant and Webhook

The dashboard of PayKun is very useful for the merchant to track the transactions with its status. They get the live update in the same.

Other important functions in the dashboard include analysis, refunds, payment links, settlements, reports, orders, customers, etc.

Overall Review

Merchants and Customers are having a blissful experience with PayKun. It processes smooth transactions without any issues.

There are various additional features not available currently like subscription, split payments, payment pages, etc, but they are expected to launch in near future.

All in all, PayKun is an affordable, easy to use, and secure payment gateway to accept domestic and international payments both.

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