Pros and Cons of Wearing Post-Surgery Shapewear

As everything, everything people wear or do will have pros and cons. And this also happens when post-surgery shapewear is worn. There are pros and cons and it is important to start knowing, what shapewear really is. 

Shapewear is an undergarment that will help a person temporarily smoothen and shape their body. This is achieved by compressing the body and redistributing the flesh. It also emphasizes the person’s natural curves while it hiding or minimizing the problem areas, especially when a thigh outfit is worn.

Similar to normal shapewear, post surgery shapewear will also apply pressure on the body, but it will be a pressure level that will improve the blood flow as well as the healing capabilities. They are mostly worn obviously for medical reasons even if they might play a role in aesthetics too. 

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They tend to aid in the post-surgical recovery from procedures like liposuctions, C-sections, etc. They are also worn for a specific period of time until they have fully and completely healed the patient wearing them. 

Shapewear and post-surgery shapewear both have benefits. But the focus this time will be on the post-surgery ones. 

They will make the recovery process shorten and easy. For example, if you have undergone a C-section, liposuction, or even a breast augmentation, post-surgery shapewear will be a must. They will accelerate the healing process by applying pressure on your body. 

They will improve blood circulation, which will speed up the healing and will also prevent excessive accumulation of fluid, and will also improve drainage near the part of your body that underwent the surgery. It will also reduce post-surgical swelling, ecchymosis, and also any bruising.

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The pressure applied can make you feel protected, soothe your pain, and generally make the whole recovery process more comfortable. If you want the best ones, make sure you look for the best wholesale shapewear suppliers.

Another benefit is that they will improve the post-surgery appearance. They are really crucial for any plastic surgery patient as they will help them achieve their desired aesthetic by molding and holding the tissue to the optimal and desired place. 

The patient will end up with a smoother silhouette, no rolls or bumps and they will also prevent any sagging that can happen with time.  Also, will prevent the appearance of any wrinkles in the skin, any dents, or any post-op creases. 

Post-surgery shapewear will also help with vascular disorders. Patients with any lymphatic or vascular disorders are helped by these types of shapewear to improve circulation and drainage. 

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The pressure will promote the drainage of any lymphatic fluid in the tissues that are affected into general circulation, and then this liquid will be redistributed to any other body parts, which will eliminate the symptoms that the patient might have. The compression created will also increase drainage and improve the circulation of blood, which results in better healing and fewer symptoms. 

It is also important to know the difference between normal shapewear and post-surgery ones. 

For example, post-surgery ones have better construction and also use more modern manufacturing techniques. While normal shapewear design is generally more complex and sophisticated and their focus is beauty and style. 

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While both can look fashionable, when it comes to post-op shapewear, the function is the focus and not the appearance, as it is when it comes to normal shapewear. Another example is the stitching, in post-op ones, they are on the outside which will help reduce skin irritation and also prevent them from digging into the incisions. 

Another difference is the compression ranges, they will have a number that expresses how much pressure they will give to the body and it can also be mild and extra firm, while also can be graduated, all of this just to promote blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, etc.

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