Top 5 Vehicles Used in Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is a desert sport for thrill-seekers. Adrenaline-junkies from all over the world visit the desert safari to quench their thirst for enticing adventures and recreational activities. Desert safari Dubai is not only a natural landmark of diverse fauna. But has also become a hub for enthralling activities. Dune bashing in a 4×4 dune vehicle over 800 feet Arabian dunes. This is the most popular desert sport attracted by loads of stunt lovers. Rent the one that seems most appealing to you and observe mini sand storms from a different perspective. Taking a dynamic whirl in a four-wheeler.

Want to know how dune buggies and other dune bashing vehicles take the riders to a bumpy roller coaster ride. Leaving them screaming once more!? Scroll down your screen to get to know about top desert safari SUV vehicles. That compliment best over the red sanded heaps of Dubai.

Best 5 Vehicles Used to Roll on the Arabian Dunes

1.   The Luxurious Toyota Land Cruiser

The iconic vehicle of Dubai withstanding with both on-road and off-road tracks i.e. the land cruiser is a reliable dune bashing as well as the standard car. A land cruiser provides a powerful means of transport because of its V8 engine and great durability against high jumps of the distorted dunes with a light body to pose in a stunning maneuver in the air until you click it. With the 5 gear auto transmission, KDS & Multi-terrain ABS system, you can maintain a low uniform velocity with the help of its smooth throttle and brakes along with controlling the down-hill assist thereby facilitating smooth delivery down the Arabian dunes. The cabin is multi-purpose and this four-wheeler craves fuel. Take a tour of this regal and Bedouin’s most favorite vehicle that is frequently sold in the Middle East region, especially here in Dubai.

2.   Strike-Through The Higher Dunes in a Land Rover

The land rover is a super speedy off-road vehicle that supports a smooth delivery over the resisting texture of the deserted plain. A land rover is safe, luxurious, spacious, and super suitable for family rides. It has a cosy cabin inside with the best kind of terrain response. Amazingly drifting down by withstanding the hill descent control. Landrover is considered one of the safest SUVs with the implementation of seven forward-facing seats.

One interesting fact about this dune bashing vehicle is that it runs great over the solid rocky region as compared to that of the tire sinking sand. The model has a history of being a military origin vehicle used in the past by the British when they were off to explore the outdoor lands. You can grab this one if you are with the family and looking for a light excursion as this one has good reliability in terms of safety.

3.   Wrangler Jeep Is a Fit for Little

ForCreeds says The wrangler jeep is a well-known sports utility 4×4 convertible jeep. It’s both an on-road and off-road vehicle appearing ethereal over the dense dunes of the desert due to the super stunning grip of its flattened tires. Bearing a short chassis, it can deliver in action over pointed and edgy peaks thereby minimizing danger. However, it doesn’t support the carriage of a good number of individuals and also heavy luggage. In spite of lacking a powerful engine and a spacious area inside, the wrangler jeep is a proven great means of dune bashing because it is subtle on the sand and handy to drive. It is feasible for a short trip carrying a little bunch of friends or small groups. Take photographs as much as you want with an adorable dune bashing jeep while enjoying the welcoming breeze of Dubai’s natural asset in a 4×4 roofless vehicle.

4.   A Superb Means of Comfort During The Cruel Bumpy Ride

If you could ever observe this vehicle, you would’ve probably noticed that it seems as if a little luxury is running over the sand sea. FJ cruiser is a beguiling dune bashing vehicle designed in a retro fashion to grab a focus on the inner space and outer visibility while running dramatically over the Arabian sand. It bears enticing features of being both an off-road and on-road vehicle which means it withstands a smooth drift over the deserted land as well as rocky surfaces.

With the capability of fast-paced running & covering greater distances. The smart and erratic dune bashing vehicle had a built of suicide doors.

FJ Cruiser was ahead of its time when launched to run over the dunes. But here strikes the sad news that this super cranky piece of machinery got discontinued back in 2014.

5.   Drift in a Hummer

Hummer is a military 4×4 vehicle of the US and was launched during the gulf war. Hummers are of the heavy-duty body and powerful engine with a widened interior allowing good space for the passengers. The huge tires of a hummer facilitate sustained delivery over harsh and rough plains like Dubai’s sand sea. The vehicles can be easily towed with the help of a hummer provided that the cabin is of versatile nature.

However, a hummer follows a little slow transmission in comparison to other vehicles. That withstand the edgy dunes of the desert. Moreover, it’s not a suitable vehicle to drive and park in the city. Because of its huge volume and bulky body, so it’s better to take it off-road. Rock terrains are better grounds to drive a hummer still the tourists live to have a test drive! Dune bashing in a hummer will utterly fascinate you like other enthusiasts.


No matter how much you keep a knack for daring and thrill. A few things to keep in mind while going for a ride in a dune bashing vehicle. Which includes keeping safety at first and sand dunes are dangerous. So that the vehicles should be operated by highly skilled drivers. Wide and huge tires withstand best in the sand with a pressure of 18 to 20 psi. So, a refill is better. To bash over huge dunes, go for luxury vehicles like land cruisers, and lastly, avoid sharp turns.

We hope you enjoy an enticing dune bashing activity there in the deserted land of Dubai. In your most admired sports vehicle.

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