Top Vuejs Frameworks for Web App Development in 2022

Vuejs Frameworks: In today’s world, one’s online presence is everything. So, in order to make sure that businesses have websites and applications worthy of users’ attention, they need attractive and eye-catching SPAs (Single Page Applications and UIs (User Interface) designs. Designs with the right format of framework that allows the user to enhance their online presence and make a mark.

What is a Vue.JS?

Vue.JS is a progressive and adaptable JavaScript framework for building UIs and SPAs. It provides a full-fledged ecosystem and is counted in the top 3 JavaScript front-end frameworks. Being easier to pick up as compared to the most used frameworks to date, more and more companies are starting to use Vue.JS to build their front-end UIs and websites.

According to the categories of different requirements of the developers, there are a number of Vue.JS component frameworks that are used widely for web application development.

Top 10 Vuejs Frameworks

List of top 10 Vue.JS frameworks:

1.) Quasar:

According to FourCreeds, It is a performance-focused framework that helps in creating UIs. Developers find this framework very helpful as it offers more than 100 components ranging from simple to advanced. It is customizable, with a variety of themes to choose from. Quasar is also accessible in both desktop and mobile browsers. It is the most suited option for a modest framework technology.

2.) Gridesome:

It is a static site generator framework and helps in developing progressive application software. Moreover, it is easy to understand, use and install. It also allows the user to handle multiple activities of performance optimization. It gives access to a lot more libraries. Gridsome’s user-friendly organized structure is making it popular.

3.) Vuesax:

It is a newly released framework but expanding with popularity. It has more Vue components in its library that help in creating a unique and attractive application. Moreover, it comes with a variety of ready-to-use components. In comparison to other frameworks, Vuesax is inherently stylish with customizable and flexible features.

4.) Vux:

It is a widely used JavaScript library. It helps developers to build effective UI components. Although available in the Chinese language, the Vux library is very extensive and flexible to use. With plenty of demo videos, it is the best suited for mobile components.

5.) Nuxt.JS:

Nuxt.JS is another popular framework when it comes to Vuejs development. More importantly, it stands out to be the best when it comes to developing SPAs. It allows the developer to create a universal web application without much difficulty. Moreover, it comes pre-installed with all the necessary configurations and frameworks to make the development easier. It is the most opted framework for many companies.

6.) Bootstrap Vue:

It is an open-source framework and quite popular when it comes to application development. It can also be easily integrated into Nuxt.JS projects. It comes with more than 80 user interface components and elements. Bootstrap is independent and provides automated markup.

7.) Buefy:

It comes with a plethora of UI libraries with rich components. It has a lightweight design architecture. More importantly, it is free and open-source with very simple output. With its zipped format, Buefy is independent and does not require any specific system or hardware installation.

8.) Vuetify.JS:

It is a material design component framework. It assists all developers- new and experienced with all the necessary requirements. Moreover, it helps in creating efficient and complex applications along with smooth maintenance. Vuetify comes with high-end accessibility and support for business and enterprise.

9.) Mint UI:

It comes with an extremely lightweight framework and is efficiently used mainly for mobile applications. It provides UI elements by Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) and Java Scripts together, which gives it a smoother motion for small devices.

10.) Keen UI:

It is inspired by Google’s material design and comes with a relatively easy-to-use Application Programming Interface(API). It focuses more on interactivity rather than just visual components. Keen UI helps in adding sequential pr stepwise features in an already existing application, hence making it more user-friendly and easy.

Why Vue.JS?

Vue.js framework is the most opted when it comes to modern and professional user interface design. In a competitive world, where time is a constraint, quick results are required. Vue.JS has grown to be a popular and extensive web application framework with multiple features, components, and libraries, which makes the web developing process and user experience relatively easier and quicker.

It is one of the most straightforward frameworks for most developers to jump into. This makes it easier for anyone with basic JavaScript knowledge to develop with Vue. JS. It is extremely approachable and versatile. It is also flexible and simple when it comes to the integration of third-party applications. Moreover, it offers the basic foundation of the framework and allows the developer to build on it according to their requirements.

Vue.JS is one of the fastest-growing JavaScript frameworks currently after Angular and React for all the right reasons.

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