Vertical Garden: Great Ideas to Set Up Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden: Are you someone who enjoys being surrounded by flowers? Or perhaps you’re one of those who wants to grow fresh vegetables in their backyard? Many of us desire a garden, but not everyone is fortunate enough to have one. As a result, we must consider a solution that will allow us to enjoy the fruits of nature.

Everything, believe it or not, has a solution. And that’s the case with our Vertical Garden Ideas To Add Color To Your Garden. Vertical gardens are a terrific solution that can be used as a garden décor feature as well as a planter where you can use hydroponic farming to grow vegetables and fruits.

All of the plants in your garden or lawn don’t need to be on the ground. Take a look at these unique vertical garden ideas and get inspired to add a couple to your home.

So take a look at some of these ideas and get ready for spring!

1. Herb Garden on a Chalkboard

A charming chalkboard hanging herb frame that makes it simple to label your herbs. This is a fun, simple project for kids of all ages. Hang a handful of these to create a quick, accessible herb garden that pets won’t be able to get.

2. DIY Hanging Planters Felt

Old sweaters and a few buttons were used to make these adorable creatures. Don’t worry about the cloth becoming soiled because the plants are kept in a plastic bag. These are a terrific way to make a simple chain-link fence look more appealing.

3. Succulent Hanging Frame

This is a fantastic method to exhibit a variety of succulents both indoors and out. Just make sure to maintain the frame flat for a few days after you’ve planted the succulents so that all of your hard work doesn’t end up in a jumble of potting soil and plants!

4. Planters in a Grid

This vertical garden’s metal grid construction can be customized to your preferences. Would you want a potted flower or herb wall? With a bit of effort, you can have a substantial, sturdy garden. Perfect for a home with an industrial theme!

5. Repurpose an Antique Ladder

The things you can accomplish with ladders are incredible. For a delicate, basic garden that looks wonderful, this project traces vines up and down the staircase and sets little glass containers on the stairs.

6. Planters made from old pipes

A cascading vertical garden can be made by hanging a few pipes with the tops chopped off on the walls or fence. If you paint the lines a bright color, you’ll be able to give color to your garden as well!

7. Garden of Leaning Pallets

This leaning garden, like the succulents’ frame, is fashioned from a bit of plank. Succulents and other plants flourish in the tight gaps between the slats.

8. Terra Cotta Planter Made from a Wooden Pallet

An old wooden pallet, hooks, and plain old terra cotta pots were used to make this DIY vertical planter. It may easily lean against the house or the fence due to its simple design.

9. Wall of Pop Bottles

Who doesn’t have a plethora of pop bottles on hand? Threading thin rope through both sides of the bottle allows them to be hung in rows—a wonderful, simple herb garden. Just remember to clean out those bottles first!

10. Organizer for Shoes

A canvas shoe organizer is a low-cost and straightforward way to get started with a vertical garden. The pouches are robust and easy to hang wherever you like. A clever idea for someone who dislikes doing things himself!

11. Crates stacked on top of each other

You’re ready to start a vertical garden with a bit of assembly and a cute stencil! Build them as high as you desire; they’ll provide privacy as well as flair to your yard!

12. Terra Cotta Pots with a Twist

This is a beautiful project for kids to undertake. As a result, a sloppy, crooked sculpture emerges. For a fun, intriguing look, trail vines out of the top or put herbs in a few of these.

13. Planters with Trellis

Hang tin planters from each of the rungs for a cute, easy spin on the standard trellis. It’s far easier to switch out the plants than to rip out a plant that has grown around the frame.

14. Tall Tubes

These are ideal for strawberry cultivation! Drill holes in the pipe and secure it in place with concrete. To grow some berries, group a few together.

15. Wine Barrel Recycled

Cut up an old wine barrel into sections to make a tiered planter for succulents, perennials, or whatever you desire! Perfect for a rustic or cottage look!

16. Wooden Planters on Stands

Build a set of custom wooden planters if you’re looking for a more demanding project. These are strong and can be attached to a fence to provide additional vertical gardening space.


Vertical gardens are a great way to garden without having to spend all of your time in the backyard on your knees. They’re ideal for folks with knee or back difficulties, as well as those of us who don’t have access to vast, beautiful yards in which to set up our displays.

The inspiring ideas we’ve compiled for you are suitable for every size room. Whether you have a huge backyard, deck, or live in a small flat, now you can grow veggies, florals, and herbs.

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