Delicious Cake Upgrade with The Help of Gel Colours

All ingredients chiefly used in the gel colours are of vegetable origins, and extraction of material is from oil-rich plants. Like modern-day fruit cake distilled monoglycerides are used based on the gels, and ingredients are always carefully selected. This way it can be controlled and utilize the full emulsifier’s potential.


The batter mixing traditionally has been an operation of multistage while nowadays most commercial operations choose a simplified 1-2 stage operation for production’s streamlining.

Green Star

Great volume

Whipping the air’s right amount into a batter is mainly fundamental for achieving the right volume in the product being baked.

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Symmetry & smooth texture

The boosted bubble number that this color offers the baked goods along with a light and soft texture.

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Long living freshness

this gel contributes to perfecting moistness in the baked good mainly prolonging the cake’s perceived freshness.

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