When Is The Time To Upgrade Your PC?


PCs have a way of telling people when it is time to upgrade. Because when we experience a sudden drop in the PC’s performance levels, the PC starts to overheat, and displays a constant lagging and glitching that can make your head spin. These types of signs should instantly alert you that the PC needs upgrading ASAP.

Generally, many people think that upgrading is not a simple but a daunting task. Also, sometimes it’s better to get the upgraded gaming tech than trying to update the existing pieces, especially when it’s more cost-effective. 

Besides if you are unaware of the signs that call for an upgrade then let’s take a look and see what are the most major signs that depict that your PC needs an upgrade:

1)  Processors Speed Diminishes

According to the expert from FourCreeds, the processor is considered to be an integral part of the PC. So if the processing speed starts to lag then it will definitely be affecting the daily work routine. Another sign of a damaged processor is that you will have booting issues. In this case, you will be continuously pressing the keyboard keys or moving the cursor but the screen would be completely blank.

When these signs come up, always keep an eye out so you can know that your processor is going to shut down completely at any moment. The last thing that the processor will show you is a “blue screen of death” that will give you the final signal that the processor has come to its end and you need to upgrade it asap.

2)  Freezing Of The Screen

RAM is one of the components that allow the work to be done smoothly without any unnecessary delays. If your RAM isn’t up to the high-level tasks you are throwing at it then it will be burdened beyond capacity and the programs will keep crashing. The RAM won’t be able to function properly and because of that you will be facing constant freezing of the screen and the programs you will run will suddenly crash down. Plus you won’t be able to run programs simultaneously and switching in between the programs will require patience at your end because your PC can’t handle running high-end programs. So this would be a loud cry for you to upgrade your PC. 

3)  Insufficient Storage

Another sign is notifications that constantly pop up on your screen of insufficient storage or running out of storage which means you won’t be able to store any of the large gaming files, or photos or music, and movies. So what you can do to tackle this problem is that you need to upgrade your PC with a good SSD storage drive instead of an HDD. Because it is a known fact that HDDs work slower than SSDs. Therefore an SSD is known to access large files much faster. Quickly equip your PC with a good storage drive if you want quick-to-access storage.  

4)  Clogged Fan

This is the most important component of the PC because if this fails there are going to be so many bad implications on the other components. When your PC’s fan gets clogged with dust particles it will work slower hence minimizing its performance. Once its performance is down to less-than-optimal then the system will overheat. As it will not be blowing the heat out and keeping the components cool.

So what you need to do is you must clean it out thoroughly. And if it doesn’t regain its full performance even then. I would suggest you upgrade to a high-functioning CPU cooler. If you don’t upgrade and it just functions poorly and doesn’t blow the heat out then the components will be at a high risk of being damaged irrevocably.

5)  Constant Glitching

Consider this: you are playing your most favorite game and the GPU fails to render the graphics accurately. This scenario happens when your graphics card does not support the same software as the game you are playing. So, when you start to experience off-color pixelation, unusual screen glitches, and blurry images then it clearly states that your graphics card is at death’s door and you need to immediately upgrade it.   


So when your PC starts to function oddly and starts to show you several different signs then you should not neglect them. Because these signs are a loud cry that you need to upgrade your system because that very component is dying slowly and gradually. 

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