About the setting

Battlefield 2042: Since 2032, humanity has been going through one of the most difficult periods in history, which the press calls the second Great Depression and you can learn more from the platform. The widespread rise in water levels led to the collapse of the economy and the largest migration crisis. By 2036, surviving nations are beginning to close borders and even illegally erect walls. Refugees with nothing more to protect are called no-pats – they adapt and survive and are ready to take up arms.

In 2040, there is a global power outage – people finally stop trusting each other, and panic arises, against the background of which the United States and Russia are gathering armies of un-patriated people, who, two years later, will have to fight for their own future. This is not a confrontation between the Americans and the Russians – the troops are made up of people who once lived in various countries, but who have joined the remaining major powers.

About modes

The developers divide Battlefield 2042 into three major components:

  • All-Out Warfare is the classic Battlefieldmultiplayer that fans will be familiar with. Two modes were confirmed at the presentation: “Conquest” and “Breakthrough”. As before, in the first, players fight for control of the flags, and in the second, the defenders protect the control points from the attackers.
  • Hazard Zone is a new entertainment for the series, in which close-knit teamwork is important. It is very different from what All-Out Warfare offers, but the developers clarify – this is not “Battle Royale”. Details will be shared closer to the release.
  • The third component, the name of which is unknown. The developers say that this model was created especially for longtime Battlefieldfans and they will definitely love it. The full announcement will take place on July 22nd on EA Play Live.

About cards

On PC and current generation consoles, 128 players will play each match. In the case of PS4 and Xbox One, their number will be reduced to 64, and the cards themselves will not be so huge. But overall, the authors promise to offer an equally entertaining game on all platforms you can check here some upcoming PS5 games 2021.

Along with the scale, the approach to map design has also changed. Developers break down huge battlefields into “points of interest” and call this process clustering. Clusters can be a stadium, an oil platform, or an entire village. And clusters, in turn, are divided into sectors, and in order to capture territory, you need to complete tasks in each of the sectors. That is, the same village cannot be immediately captured entirely – first, you need to make its individual sections yours.

Manifest (Singapore) – This map is located in a huge container terminal. One of the main features of the location is automatic cranes that lift and move containers during the match. Large ships are located on one of the borders of the map, inside of which there are several capture points.

Discarded (India) – On the coastline, where huge ships are stuck due to rising water levels, two teams are fighting over a nuclear arsenal. In the center of the map is the Colossus with a hidden submarine inside – a great place for close-range gunfights.

  • Hourglass (Qatar) is a city buried in sand. This is one of the largest locations in the game. In the east of the map is an area with skyscrapers, which from time to time is approaching a sandstorm. In the west – a stadium littered with sand, and in the center of the location – a road on which a transport abandoned by the convoy remained.

About tornado and destruction

In the trailer, you can see a tornado, and in matches it, of course, will also wreak havoc – sucking and lifting players and vehicles upon its way, creating unexpected situations.

The developers talked about one case during testing – a player tried to defeat a sniper, but could not properly aim under fire. After a couple of seconds, the tornado captured a nearby car and threw it towards the sniper, knocking him down. Of course, you can avoid tornadoes and play by familiar rules, but surely many will want to show the class and deliberately enter the tornado, making a beautiful streak of murders.

About specialists

Now, before entering the battlefield, you choose a specialist. Each of them has a unique gadget like Eldritch Blast 5e and ability, but otherwise, there is no difference between the characters – regardless of the hero, you can take any weapon and any grenades with you.

At the start, Battlefield 2042 will offer 10 specialists. At the presentation, we were told about four:

  • Webster McKay (Canada) is an attack aircraft with a grappling hook that allows you to shorten the path to the target and flank opponents. His character trait is agility: he is more mobile than others during aiming and when using cables.

Maria Falk (Germany) – Support class. Her S21 Healing Pistol can heal and lift wounded comrades from a distance in Battlefield 2042. And if you decide to raise a friendly soldier, coming close to him, then he will stand up with full health.

Vicus van Daele, aka Kasper (South Africa), is a spy whose drone reveals the location of opponents and disrupts their electronic devices. Its motion sensor warns of approaching enemies in red at the bottom of the screen.

About other innovations

The most interesting “trick” associated with equipment is called the plus system. At any time, you can bring up the weapon menu, similar to the + sign. And switch attachments on the fly: change the sniper scope to a collimator one. Remove or put on a silencer, and so on. This can be done right during a firefight, hiding behind cover, and the interface seems very convenient from the side.

Another change has to do with transportation in Battlefield 2042. In the world of the future, where the events of Battlefield 2042 unfold, the authors wanted to offer vehicles. That will be interesting for all players. Therefore, whichever seat you choose, there will be something to do: either shoot from the turret. Or launch rockets, or mark targets – the list is very long. And some cars will be able to drop mines to get away from pursuit.

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