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We all are aware of how lively and artistic Berlin is. Sausages and Currywurst are all I can think about when it comes to the food culture of Berlin. However, these foods being lip-smacking just cannot match the level of exquisitely Indian foods and cuisines. The typical Berliner dishes being rustic and hearty, cannot fill the void of Indian groceries and foods. Unlike other European cities, Berlin has lesser options available when it comes to Indian grocery stores and Indian grocery stores online. The supermarkets also tend to fall short in terms of providing enough Indian groceries. The traditional and ethnic grocery stores in Berlin, Germany, as a business, have been on the rise since 2017.

The South Asian diaspora in the region, be it Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, etc., shop for Desi groceries from Indian grocery stores either physically or online. According to FourCreeds, 90% of them visit the Indian grocery store online or in-person once every week. As the pandemic has hit the world hard, showing no mercy to Germany either, there is a rapid rise in Indian grocery stores online in Berlin. The millions of dollars industry have made the online Indian grocery store business blooming. Many products and grocery items that were never thought of to be sold in the Indian grocery store online in Belin are now being made available.

Dookan: The Best Indian Grocery Store in Berlin

This is where has come in like a light. is an e-commerce website and becoming a major European supermarket focusing on the desi or Indian foods and groceries. With their wide reach and easy online availability of majorly all Indian grocery, is bridging the gap between online sales and in-store sales. is one such Online Indian grocery store in Berlin that will not disappoint the customers in terms of what they claim. They stay true to their words, and that is what makes them stand out.

Buying and stocking groceries is a necessary chore, as an Indian grocery store makes this essential task convenient, time-effective, and much cheaper compared to other potential competitors. IN addition to this,, as an Indian grocery store online, has a terrific availability of Indian groceries of all kinds. They deliver perishable and non-perishable goods at your doorstep by making you follow an easy procedure of placing the order online. delivers Indian groceries all over Berlin and several other parts of Europe. One of the key highlights of the Indian grocery store online is that they do not require any minimum order charge. This feature is not present in most Indian grocery stores online.

You can easily shop your favorite Indian brands and exclusive Indian spices without thinking about the minimum order value. Along with this, also offers exciting offers and sales from time to time to keep its customers happy and satisfied. In Berlin, the physical and online Indian grocery stores do not offer much variety. Finding top Indian brands feels like winning a lucky draw competition. does not make it that hard in Berlin now. They offer a wide range of authentic Indian products sourced directly from the top Indian brands. Now let’s be honest and take a moment to appreciate this small but strong fact that not all physical or online Indian grocery stores do that in Berlin. To make you take complete advantage of this delightful online grocery store here we have mentioned the benefits of ordering online Indian groceries from in Berlin rather than another physical grocery store- 

Benefits of Ordering Online Indian Groceries from Dookan

1. Safety has made it easy and feasible for all the well-off and middle-class Indians or South Asians residing in Berlin to order Indian groceries online. The novel coronavirus has made it a ritual to stay indoors, what could be more safe and efficient than getting online Indian groceries delivered to the doorstep without physical shopping and even contact delivery?

2. Free delivery

Yes! Even in Berlin and other overseas countries, offers free delivery. As per experience, the delivery is fast, and coordinating with the sellers is easy.

3. Product quality has all the hardcore desi and Indian products, with which all Indians can relate to and even crave. In Berlin, this craving has been understood by They deliver all major Indian brands with certification of authenticity.

4. Secured payments

Online payments can be tricky these days even when you pay through verified sources in Euro. as per our experience and inside research has proven to be a genuine source of the online grocery store with a secured and protected payments system.


All in all, is going to cover a large chunk of customers by making available online Indian groceries like a cakewalk in Berlin. To take advantage of these amazing offers visit the website of the online Indian grocery store and place your order now!

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