Breast Pain Is Influenced by Diet and Lifestyle

Diet plays an important in the cause of Breast pain. Oestrogen is linked to it and plays an important part to have breast pain. The foods with low saturated fats decrease the level of Oestrogen and it causes lumpiness and breast pain. Dairy products and an excess amount of meat in your daily routine cause this pain to occur.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer which occurs in women and is most common in Eastern Region. The cases are increasing in recent years in the age group of women less than 50 years. Many experiments have been done and research shows that lifestyle and dietary habits play an important part. The rise in breast cancer cases also includes excess body weight. The research declares that breast cancer is related to hormonal Factors. The obesity rate is also the cause of cancer and it’s becoming a major health problem and has been caused due to a huge amount of population is going towards a westernized diet.

From many types of research, doctors come to this conclusion low fruit intake, obesity, low vegetable intake and no physical activity, tobacco, and alcohol consumption rise the cases of breast cancer in women of the Middle East. Doctors suggest having vitamin D, protein intake help prevent cancer. In the Middle East, Alcohol and tobacco are not the cause of cancer because of religion but other dietary lifestyles indicated the sign of cancer. With the rapid change in the economy, people are not consuming diets that are high in cholesterol, saturated fat, salt, and refines carbohydrates. Low intake of vegetables and fruits is reported in children and in every age group in the Middle East region.

FourCreeds says breast cancer is the most common cancer which is diagnosed in women among all 22 countries and obesity is the factor that is strongly associated with breast cancer. In Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain. Qatar’s overweight and obesity is at a high level. Lack of physical activity plays a role in postmenopausal breast cancer. With time lifestyle of people has also changed the increase of utilizing car transportation reduces physical activity like walking, increased demand for domestic helpers results in contributing to the decline of physical activity in the Middle East region which is becoming the major cause that cases in the eastern region are rising steadily. 70% of the population in Saudi Arabia is at the highest rate of no physical activities.

Causes of Breast Cancer

Many studies have investigated the relation between breast cancer and nutrients. Diets which are rich in Vitamin E, vitamin B and vegetable are considered to be protective against the cause of breast cancer. Vitamin E plays an important part as it is an antioxidant and it helps to decrease the development of any tumor and B-carotene is considered to be the major factor that protects against cancer. Intake of protein, excess amount of red meat, processed food increases the risk of cancer whereas skim milk and intake of soy food decrease the risk. It’s better to follow the lifestyle which can help us protect from this disease and shift our lifestyle to prevent this disease to occur.

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