Casual Style: Look Amazing and Comfortable Dressing Down

Casual Style: Who says you must always dress formally? Give yourself a break by dressing down. Wait, you can still look great in casual attire, provided you stick to the rules.

Those who have a wardrobe full of formal wear must be finding it hard to dress down in today’s normal which is social distancing and working from home. It’s a good time to ditch fine tailoring and wear something comfortable. The best outfit for men, need help in dressing down and still fit look ravishing? Follow this guide:

Keep things Simple

Minimal style isn’t en vogue these days but to nail the look, it’s recommended to start simple. Step out from a suit and wear a polo with mens khaki pants. Combining these straightforward garments will create an effortless casual style.

For style inspiration, turn to high street brands like Arket and COS and check what’s trending in their casual and smart casual category.

Follow the Pyramid Style

Pyramid style consists of fit, function, and fabric. This rule applies to all types of clothing whether it’s formal, semi-formal, or casual. Let’s learn more:


Fashion experts like FourCreeds say the fit is king. Whether it’s a suit, shirt, pants, trousers, or any other piece, it should fit well. Try on the clothes before buying. If you are one of those who have a hard time finding the right fit, find yourself a good tailor.

Usually, casual style clothing doesn’t require tailoring. Lots of sizes are now available. Don’t buy the one size fits all. Buy from a company that produces different sizes.


Before investing in clothes, make sure you understand their purpose. A blazer is best for business casual wear whereas a bomber jacket fits the definition of casual and smart casual.


The fabric includes everything from the quality, material, and stitching of the garment.

A luxury fabric such as silk is designed for a formal occasion whereas an everyday fabric like cotton is ideal for casual wear. Choose fabric according to the occasion.

Combine Texture and Color

Formal wear is dominated by navy blue, black and gray. To dress things down, choose colors other than the neutrals. Color and brighter colors bring casual vibes. Some colors are considered highly casual like bright red. While investing in colors, it’s best to buy muted colors since they are easier to pair with other items.

Similarly, more texture means more casual. If it’s a textured quilted jacket, it’s highly casual. A suede jacket, on the other hand, is less casual.

Bonus Items to Invest In

To add spark into your casual wardrobe, these items play the role of a bonus:

Sweaters & Hoodies

Your formal wardrobe must have lots of sweaters. To keep things neat and simple, buy a couple of hoodies. Although they are highly casual, you can still look respectable.

If you want to stick to sweaters, anything thin is considered casual. The ones that come in thinner fabrics and a great fit are considered smart.


Bomber, leather, quilted and parka, are some of the must-have jackets. For a highly casual look, try a denim jacket. You can always wear it with jeans but make sure they are not of the same color.

Note: A jacket with buttons is considered formal compared to a jacket with a zipper.

Casual Shirts

The reason why I have mentioned casual shirts in this list is that they have the power to transform your whole look. If you want to stick to the neutral colors, buy shirts in different styles, contrasting buttons, and different pockets. 

Say Yes to Trends

No doubt casual style is dominated by trends. Trends fall out of favor sooner or later but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them.

Show some acceptability. To future-proof your closet, dabble in trends that are likely to stick around for a while. Spend money on pieces that will last like a bomber jacket. Wear one trendy item per outfit and keep the rest classic.

Buy Trainers

There was a time when trainers were solely reserved for sports. Then, they got immense popularity among teens. Trends changed and they became a must-wear weekend thing.

Now, minimalist sneakers have become a staple piece. It’s one of the footwears that goes with just about anything and everything.

When shopping for these, keep simplicity in mind. Buy a pair that’s dependable, versatile, timeless, and comfortable and you would never regret this purchase.

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