Data Encryption Discussed: Get Secured In 5 Easy Steps

Data Encryption: Almost every day now, there is news of a data breach somewhere.

It almost seems like there is nothing to do against the threat actors that find pleasure in stealing and hacking the data of unsuspecting users.

That, however, is not true. Not where there is data encryption anyways.

What is data encryption?

As the name implies, data encryption refers to all processes and systems directed at locking down a body of data to prevent unauthorized access.

In other words, it is the protection of files, documents, and other sensitive data so that they do not get into the wrong hands.

As great as that sounds, no two data encryption models are the same. This is why hackers could still be successful in getting data out of systems that had otherwise been encrypted.

Benefits of Data Encryption

The most obvious and common benefit to data encryption is ensuring your data does not get into the wrong hands. However, it goes beyond just that.

For example, some of the additional benefits that come on the back of encrypting your data include. But is not limited to:

Staying within regulations

Some industries and employers might require that you encrypt your data.

This is true in the financial industry; health sector and other regions where sensitive data is handled. Without conforming to the standards, employees could lose their jobs and employers could lose their respect and trust among consumers.

Remote Safety

Since the start of the pandemic, threat actors have been on the prowl for workers who now have to work from home.

These hackers and scammers know that most of these workers used to rely on encryption from their employers and do not know how to set one up themselves.

Shock them by having a little Fort Knox on your hands when next they come knocking at your door.

Improves Trust

No one wants to give their data to a storage that is not secure. If you can promise data encryption and stand by it, you would surely be rewarded with more business, trust, social integrity, and business proof.

Otherwise, your potential prospects would go to another business.

How to Encrypt Your Data Securely

Data encryption doesn’t have to cost thousands, tens of thousands, or millions of dollars. Sometimes, all you need to do is as simple as:

  • HTTPS – for webmasters, ensure your website runs on the secure (that’s what the last S stands for) Hypertext Transfer Protocol. This not only makes the transactions on your website safer; it also gives you trust in the eyes of your website visitors. Otherwise, you are exposing your visitors to having their data breached and stolen when they are on your web property.
  • Network encryption – hackers are now smart enough that they can intercept your internet traffic. To know what you are doing on the web. Steal your login information and other sensitive data. Fortunately, a simple VPN download is a popular on-the-go solution in these cases.
  • Emails – if you are using either Gmail and Outlook – as is the majority of email service users in the world – you should not worry too much about encryption. The brands behind these services have got you covered. If you are a more advanced user, reach out to these providers to upgrade you to a more premium plan which gives you extra encryption benefits.
  • Messaging – if your preferred social media/ IM apps do not offer end-to-end encryption on messages and files sent, it is time to change to another service provider.
  • Cryptocurrency – if you use any kind of crypto at all. You should also know that they offer encryption by default via the blockchain.

Get Encrypted Today

As you can see, you don’t have to break the bank to also enjoy data encryption.

Get started with the above, and you have a better shot against hackers and scammers from now on.

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