Factors That Impact the Efficiency of Air Conditioners

AC these days is one of the essential electrical appliances that keep the homeowner comfortable and relaxed all day long. But it will only be possible if the system is running efficiently or depends on the efficiency of air conditioners. In short, you can say that the unit’s efficiency will keep the homeowner happy, and on top of that, it will take less energy which means the energy bill will be low.

But most people don’t think of their AC and don’t go for proper maintenance and servicing because they wear out before time. Keeping the title in mind if you want to know the factors, read this post till the end in order to save your money and time.

So, in order to make your system highly efficient, let’s discuss the factors that influence the efficiency of air conditioners. Let’s get started: –

1. Maintenance plays a key role to boost the efficiency of Air Conditioners

Maintenance of the unit undoubtedly impacts the overall efficiency of air conditioners. For example, your car needs service after some time; likewise, your AC needs regular maintenance to work smoothly and efficiently. Now, you can ask why regular maintenance of the system is vital?

Well, if you don’t maintain the system with time, it will start developing some problems which will become prominent over time. So, for the best result, ensure to go for annual maintenance to keep the unit maintained.

2. The quality of the indoor air

When the system is running, various things enter inside the unit and make the system work harder and slower. Some of these things are pet dander, dust, debris, and many more. So, in that case, you can take effective steps to make indoor air quality pollution-free.

Moreover, you must take the help of professional air conditioner repair Los Angeles to resolve the issue as they will suggest some equipment to keep the indoor air quality clean.

3. Age of the system

The age of your AC can also affect the efficiency of air conditioners for many reasons. That means, according to manufacturers, if your unit is more than ten years old, it will surely take more energy while it is on, and this will lead to high energy bills. 

Moreover, if you want to keep the system running for a long time ensure to follow the guidelines given by manufacturers. So, in that case, it is a good idea to inspect the system by a professional to determine the level of efficiency of air conditioners. However, during the inspection, if the unit has some issues make sure to replace the system; otherwise, it will take more energy and cost you high.

4. Dirty coils

It is true that with time, dirt and dust get build-up on the condenser or an evaporator coil, and it will restrict the ability to transfer cool air. Due to this reason, the cool air will move with difficulty inside your home while forcing AC to work overtime and take more energy.

So, if you want your air conditioner to work perfectly, make sure to clean the coils from time to time. Upon that, you can also take the help of higher-efficiency air filters, which reduce the amount of heat deposited on the system.

5. Leaks in the duct

If your home ducts are leaking, it will also impact the overall efficiency of air conditioners. That means that if you find some type of cracks, openings, or disconnections, the AC will not cool the room as before. However, the first reason for the above issues is that the air will leak from the duct, and the other is that some unfiltered warm air will come inside the room, making the room hot.

In a duct leak case, the efficiency of air conditioners will come down, and dirt will get build-up inside the air conditioners, which needs professionals as they will seal the leaks and also inspect the system with all other issues. To overcome this type of problem it’s important to clean the duct regularly.

6. Air conditioner size

The system size plays an essential role when the point is of your home AC. That means if the unit is too small for the room, it will struggle to maintain the optimum temperature. In addition, if the system is too large, it will short cycle frequently and be unable to cool the room. These two things will offer you high energy bills and decreased efficiency.

So, if you want your unit to save your money, take the advice of the air conditioner repair Los Angeles professional about the size of the system.

The Bottom Line

The above are some of the factors that directly influence the efficiency of air conditioners. So, if you want your unit to work for a long-lasting period with high efficiency. Go for regular maintenance and servicing by calling a professional air conditioner repair in Los Angeles. But ensure only to call the trusted company for the work as there are many fake companies. Who can damage the system even more and will take a hefty amount from you.

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