First Date Outfit Ideas for Women

First dates are nerve-wracking and full of awkwardness and doubts. The hardest decision that anyone has to make is what to wear. Thus, read this article to visualize different date outfit concepts according to mood, occasion, and style. Then you can choose the one that speaks to you the most.

You can look stylish and beautiful easily. In the end, it all comes down to the little things; how you style it, how you accessorize it, how you make a very basic outfit into a classy one. These are some outfits that will look perfect as first-date outfits for various occasions and moods.

A T-Shirt With Upgraded Jeans

This is the first look you can try when going out for a first date. For a little personality, you can tuck in the t-shirt to add some shape to your body. Additionally, your outfit looks a bit more relaxed as well. You can also roll up your jeans to reveal some of the sassy ankle action. You can buy your clothes according to the venue, like wearing unspeakable merch tees to an arcade date.

Since this outfit is so plain, you can add some accessories to it. Wearing big dangling earrings or hoops and red lipstick with it can give a more mature adult look. You can wear a pair of shoes with pearl detail to match them with pearl earrings as well. Furthermore, you can wear funky shoes with this outfit for a splash of color. That will make you look fun and adventurous.

Corduroy Oversized T-Shirt With Straight Jeans

There are different ways you can wear this shirt. First, you can wear it as a shirt on its own. Alternatively, you can wear it as a jacket with a plain or printed t-shirt underneath. There are many colors available for these shirts.

You can add a lace bralette underneath or have it off the shoulder. As we all know, the shoulders and neck of a woman are especially attractive. You can accentuate that area by just having an off-the-shoulder look. However, if you don’t want to do that, you can simply wear it as a jacket.

Besides that, you can wear a tank top or maybe a t-shirt from unspeakable merch underneath it. You can wear a straight-leg dark wash pair of jeans and combat boots for the jeans, making you look more attractive. This whole outfit has a great mix of masculine elements and feminine. After balancing it, you will look extra attractive.

A Comfy Cozy Outfit

Now, you can wear your comfy cozy loungewear as a date outfit too, and it will look pretty. Since the pandemic started, the options of a movie date or arcade date seem impossible. In that case, you can have dates at your own place. Thus, for a laidback date, you can wear super cute loungewear like Kourtney Kardashian and Karlie Kloss.

It is cozy and will create a more sassy look. You can wear it in different colors, but a light color would be the best option for the first date. You can buy the bottom separately. This is a look that is its own style. You can wear jeans with a top or wear a loungewear jumpsuit like Gigi Hadid and look insanely good in comfortable clothes.

A Colorful Sweater Paired With Tucked-In Jeans

You can wear a colorful sweater with bell sleeves. This look will make you smart, attractive, and mature. This outfit makes your waist look smaller because of the giant sweater sleeves. You can have a mock neck sweater. You can wear it untucked, or you can tuck it in your jeans in this particular outfit. Besides, untucked is in nowadays. You can wear unspeakable merch tees underneath.

In addition to that, you can really dress this outfit up with a pair of heels or dress them down with a pair of sneakers. You can also add a blazer with this whole outfit. Even a cropped blazer will look really cool. The key is to add an accessory-like belt around a waist, emphasizing your waist and making it look smaller. This whole look is amazing for a first date in a quaint cafe or a library.


Layering an outfit can take it from simple to elegant. These outfits are all inexpensive, like unspeakable merch, and make the best impression on your first date. Besides, the more comfortable you feel in an outfit, the more your confidence will boost up. 

Adding accessories with the outfit can help you glam up more simple choices like plain t-shirts and loungewear. Don’t forget to add some simple makeup with these outfits. After all this effort, we can assure you that you will catch the eyes of everyone.  So rock it up with these ideas on your first date.

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