Four Plants that can be Grown in Our Kitchen Garden

Many of us might have heard our parents say that the spices grown in our fields have a different taste also the plants or fruits grown in our gardens or fields are often considered to be more reliable in terms of their nutritional value. They are considered safer to be consumed by us simply because they have been growing in front of our eyes than too by us. We hear in news or read it in the newspaper very often that vegetables or fruits available in the market are suspected to be adulterated.

It happens many a time that people are caught so that the vegetables or the fruits from these plants grow quickly so that they can be sold in the market. But we all know very well that these chemicals can cause illness or have various ill-effects and are dangerous to our health and have a disastrous impact on our bodies thus resulting in the weakening of our immune system.

One possible way to protect ourselves from these dangerous vegetables that consist of chemicals. Could be to grow them in our house itself. Although we cannot grow a lot of them yet we can buy plants online. And grow some plants in our kitchen garden so that we may achieve a better level of immunity and make our body strong, healthy, and resistant to diseases. Let us know about some plants that can be grown in our kitchen garden


Mint is one of the most commonly grown plants in our houses. They find most of their uses in the kitchen itself. Because they add a different flavor to the food which they are added into. You must have seen your mother adding mint leaves in salads or making cool summer drinks such as lemonades and ice teas using the mint leaves. To garnish and provide you with a cooling sensation. Mint grows as herbs and expands rapidly. The best time to plant mint in your garden would be around spring. So that you may enjoy its benefits during the hot summer season.


Chilies are another range of plants that can be found in most of our kitchen Gardens. Because of the multiple advantages that are associated with eating Chillies. Chilies are an excellent source of vitamins B, E, A, and C. They are also known for increasing the metabolism rates of the body. And can stimulate the levels of blood circulation as well. You must eat Chillies to detoxify and cleanse your body. Remember to place the plant in a well-lit area because Chillies required a good amount of Sunlight for their growth.


Lemons or a popular source of vitamin C. Being rich in potassium and calcium they are also known to boost immunity levels. You can use lemon for curing skin-related problems. Lemon is believed to be effective in combating cancer too. This plant requires a lot of water so you shall water it every day and ensure that the soil has drainage holes. So that the soil does not get excessively moist as it can harm the plant. A lemon plant would require 10 to 12 hours of sunlight for its growth. You can Order indoor plants online and add them to your collection of plants.


Coriander leaves are ornamental leaves that are often used for garnishing the food right before serving it. They can be used for curing skin disorders, inflammation, diarrhea and help to regulate blood pressure as well. Coriander plants can be grown using the coriander seed. You may be planted in a pot and place under direct sunlight, And the culinary herb would continue to grow well.

You shall not get mistaken by thinking that kitchen gardens are meant for big houses only. Even though you do not have a lot of space at the back of your house. You can still maintain a little kitchen garden by placing several plants in pots. You can search for online indoor plants and get them delivered to your house. And start taking care of them so that they may grow into healthy plants that can be used by you.

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