How to Increase TLS Security for Web Server

TLS is the primary protocol that you can use to secure online connections. Webmasters can use it to encrypt sensitive information. It will secure login credentials. TLS is also helpful to secure the credit card information. TLS is working on the encryption standards of the website. It is offering stronger encryption standards to the users. Nowadays, it has become the most important requirement of all the websites. By using the TLS, you can ensure the security of the visitors. As a result, you can increase the conversion rate of your website. Here, we will discuss the best tips to increase the TLS security of the web servers.


Choose The Certificates From The Proven Resources:

Nowadays, you can get TLS certificates from various sources. The domain registrars are also offering the TLS certificates. While choosing the best TLS certificate for your website, you should be very careful. Its reason is that if you have selected an ordinary TLS certificate, it will create lots of problems for your website. As a result, it will prevent the users of your website from getting access to your website. While selecting the best TLS certificate for your website, you should try to find out the reputable services. These reputable services should be specialized in online security. To get an idea about the reputation of the TLS service providing company, you should read the reviews of the customers.


Optimize The Handshake of the TLS:

The TLS is offering the three-way handshake to the users. With the help of a three-way handshake, they can establish a secure connection. The three-way handshake of a TLS service will ensure that everything is going well on your website. First of all, the client sends a connection request. Secondly, the TLS service receives the connection request from the clients. At last, the clients receive an acknowledgment. In some cases, the TLS service offers some additional methods of encryption and verification to the users. This is the best way to increase the latency of a website. It is also the best way that can provide the best user experience to the users. As a result, users can’t face the problem of slow connections. It is also the best way to enable persistent connections. Before selecting the best TLS service for your website, you should also make sure that it is offering the best quality handshake to the users.


Enable Persistent Connections:

It is the best way to increase the TLS security of the webserver. It means that you should provide a persistent connection to the users. The persistent connection will allow multiple requests on a single connection. When you will visit a TLS secured website multiple times from the same connection, you will have to initiate the new TLS connections. It will not provide a good user experience to the customers. To save your customers from this kind of problem, you should enable persistent connections on your website. After enabling it, you can save your customers from the need for additional handshakes. It will provide this kind of facility to the users by using the ‘Keep alive’ method. This is found on the configuration file of your web server.


Use a CDN:

Research by a dissertation help firm shows that a lot of websites are using CDNs to enhance the loading speed of their websites. You can also use it to increase your website loading speed. If you will use it along with the TLS certificate, it will also increase the performance of the TLS certificate. It increases the performance of a TLS certificate by using the above-mentioned techniques. First, it will increase the handshake of the TLS certificates. It will increase the handshake of the TLS certificate by connecting the users to the nearest physical server. Secondly, it will enable persistent connections. A CDN will enable persistent connections with the main host.


Enable IPv6:

IPv6 is faster than IPv4. It has not only increased the speed of the web servers but it has also enhanced the security of the web servers. Most of the famous TSL certificate providers are providing IPv6 to the users. Therefore, you should try to use the TSL certificate of that service which is offering the IPv6 service to the users. In most of the TLS service providers, you will have to enable it automatically. For example, if you are using the certificate of Cloudflare, you can easily enable it by visiting the ‘Network’ tab. If you are facing some problems in finding the IPv6 service in your network provider, you should contact their customer support service. You should share your problem with them. It will provide the best solution to your problem.


Accelerate Content Loading:

You should accelerate the content loading on your web server by using HTTP/2. It is faster than HTTP. Also, it is providing lots of benefits to the users. First, it is providing a push to the servers. As a result, the servers can easily load the data on your website. Secondly, it is allowing the page elements to load the data in parallel. Thirdly, by using HTTP/2, you can also compress the header. At last, it has lower latency. All of these things are helpful to you to increase the website’s security and speed. You can also use it to optimize the content delivery on your website by handling the multiple elements.


Enable HSTS:

If you want to provide an extra layer of security to your website over the HTTPS, you should enable HSTS. It is an essential header. With the help of this header, you can allow the browser to instruct the communication over the secured channel. It can also enhance the communication between the web servers and users. You can also use it to prevent the protocol downgrade. It is also the best choice to prevent cookie hijacking attacks. By using HSTS, you can also inject the HTTP header in the response code of your web server. While using TLS, you can easily enable it at the network edge. Before activating it, you should not forget to test it.

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