How to Save Images from Pinterest Using Pin Downloader?

Do you want to find the best answer for how to save images from Pinterest? Then this is the post that you should not miss. Once you go through our details, there is no doubt that you too will agree with us. We brought the best that we found while we too were searching for Download Pinterest Images. The tool is a user-friendly online submission. It is a free and uncountable media downloader. 

Just like DownloadGram where you can download all Instagram photos, Video & IGTV videos, If you want to download Pinterest videos, wallpapers, GIFs, and so on, still, this Pin Downloader is still the most excellent way for that. The tool is based on its web page that users can visit using their web browsers. There is no certain operating system, device model, system version, or whatsoever to be with.

If your device can visit web pages without any special restriction, that’s all. Here is everything you should know about how to save images from Pinterest when you are getting ready to save Pinterest Images.

How to save images from Pinterest Using Pin Downloader?

Downloading Pinterest Images is not difficult when you use the proper tool. Therefore, if you want to download whatsoever image from Pinterest, Pin Downloader is the best. In simple words, users can download the image by copying the URL and applying it to the Pin Downloader download bar.

  • Visit the Pinterest profile using the mobile app or the Pinterest web version
  • Go to the search bar and search the image topic there
  • A bunch of files will be there in the results section
  • Carefully check each image and make a decision about what you want to download
  • You can ignore the above steps if you already have a specific image on Pinterest
  • And then copy the link to the selected item. You can go to the address bar use the share icon or copy link options for that
  • Now open the Pin Downloader page on your browser. Just use another tab if you are a PC user
  • Do not scroll down the web page once open it. You will see the download bar and the button there
  • Apply the link that was brought in the relevant bar and tap the download button
  • A preview of the image will display with another download button. Use the button again and confirm your decision
  • At the end of the process, the image will download to the smartphone or to your PC


  • Connect your device with Wi-Fi or turn on mobile data when you start to Save Pinterest Images
  • The device storage capacity should be sufficient to Save Images from Pinterest Online
  • Even if there is a list of images to download, you can use the Pin Downloader in the same manner. and even if it is a Pinterest video or GIF, users have to follow the same steps
  • The tool is a limitless media downloader
  • The service is entirely free
  • When the preview of the image is shown, users can change the image size or the format using the table that the tool arranged. It is very simple to request the file in the size and format that you prefer using that table
  • Do not forget to select the two Download buttons respectively. If you miss the second one, it is pointless and will not download the image. The tool needs both commands correspondingly

Pin Downloader Is it safe?

In simple, Pin Downloader is a safe web page and also a tool that users can download any Pinterest media file. Users do not have to worry about using the tool because it is just a web-based tool that they do not have to install. Moreover, the tool will never download files to your device without your permission.

When you Save Pinterest Images for Free, the tool does not need to collect your data or the file you download either. It will save the image, video, or whatever to the requested device and will never record it. It is safe, and any person can use it.

Wrapping up

If you are looking for how to save images from Pinterest, the Pin Downloader is not a tool that you must not ignore. It is easy and of course free for all. You can download uncountable media files from Pinterest. From now onwards, you do not have to just save your interesting images on Pinboards. The tool Pin Downloader is very helpful when you want to save Images from Pinterest Online. not only that but videos, GIFs, wallpapers, or whatever that you will find on Pinterest can easily be brought offline using this amazing tool. Share this with your friends who are also excited to know how to save images from Pinterest. Hope you will enjoy your media downloads from here more than ever.  

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