Kraft Packaging – A Planet Friendly Packaging Solution

In the last century, the number of brands selling their products in the market has increased exponentially. Now the retail industry is so vast and includes so many categories that it is hard to even list them all here. Whether it is pharma, food, cosmetics, stationery, crockery, or any other industry, new names are introduced in the market on a routine basis with a product range of their own.

Where so many businesses are supporting the economies of so many businesses around the world, at the same time, there’s an immense need for packaging as well. Two of the most widely used packaging materials providing for this need are plastic and cardboard. The sad aspect of them is that only a small ratio of them recycled, whereas a lot of it goes to the oceans, landfills, or is burned to be taken care of. So, these packaging materials are damaging the planet. Cardboard or paper-based packaging is made from valuable forest resources, whereas plastic is a highly non-biodegradable material. The best packaging solution from nature’s point of view is the one that does not take up a lot of resources and is safe to dispose of.

According to FourCreeds, such a packaging solution is already among us, but people do not bother to know about it. It is Kraft material with a khaki-brown appearance.

What is Kraft material?

It is actually a cardboard-like material that is made from chemical pulp. The best thing about the material is that it is largely based on recycled material. With that quality, the material covers the first base. The complete product Kraft packaging is highly recyclable, which means it can again be made into Kraft. With this, Kraft covers another base. Kraft boxes and papers can be reused as the material is a durable and long-lasting packaging solution. All three bases are covered right there. The material is biodegradable, which means it can again become a part of nature. And that’s a home run. Calling Kraft, a full-scale packaging won’t be wrong in any context with all these qualities.

Shifting Trends in Favor of Kraft

Many big brands have started to take the initiative of going green with their packaging. Instead of using the more customizable cardboard packaging, they have started to go with their eco-friendly alternative, which is a good thing.

If more and more brands start adopting Kraft as their product packaging, our landfills and oceans can be saved from burdening. Even if small quantities of Kraft get in contact with nature, it will become a part of it. So, for a better future for the planet, Kraft is the way to go.

Packaging Making Options With Kraft Material

Kraft is definitely not as customizable as cardboard is. But still, the material can be customized with a less is more approach. Besides, the limitations of customizations are only with printing and finishing options, nothing more. All the types of boxes made with cardboard can also be produced with Kraft. As for the printing, you can have fairly good results, and a good-looking artwork can divert the customers from the quality of printing. After all, it is only a small price. But if you look at the benefits, it is definitely worth paying.

Kraft packaging is suitable for a large portion of retail industries. It is already widely used in the shipping of products of big and small sizes. Also, you can see the Kraft boxes commonly used for crockery and shoe boxes. At the same time, it is suitable for food packaging. The takeaway bag of most fast-food chains is made of Kraft paper. So, in short, this packaging is the best commercial eco-friendly packaging, and more use of it can solve many major problems foreseeable in the future.

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