List of Best English Medium MBBS Universities in China

China is the most important choice for every foreign student to continue their MBBS studies due to their development in the curriculum and their low-cost opportunities. After completing MBBS in China, international students can travel to other countries around the world or also return to their own country.

Every year, many students take MBBS admission in China. More than 250 universities in China, by the Central Government and the provincial government, offer admission to foreign students for undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the respective universities. The number of students from Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, the UK (United Kingdom), the US (United States), ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) is higher than those who apply for medical education.

However, when students search for medical universities that offer MBBS programs in China, they compile 2 separate lists –

  1. List of English medium universities which are MOE-listed universities.
  2. List of Bilingual medium universities which are NON listed universities.

The list of universities offering English average MBBS in China alone is 45, and the list of universities offering MBBS in China in Bilingual medium is more than 200. The confusion begins for all the candidates!

What is the difference between these 2 types of institutions, their recognition, facilities, and so on? There are many differences between the type of course, duration of the course, teaching method, and other aspects of the MBBS in the English language and Bilingual Clinical Medicine course. However, the major difference is that it is not necessary to learn Chinese in English (university listed by the MOE).In the first 5 years of the MBBS program, students are not required to pass the Chinese Language Proficiency Test (HSK).

There are many medical universities in China, some of which are English. The Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE) has recommended “strictly prohibiting” the teaching of MBBS courses in English and Chinese in a bilingual curriculum. Only 45 Chinese universities are capable of teaching MBBS in English and have the ability to admit foreign students, the Chinese Ministry of Education (MB) said, banning MBBS courses in bilingual curricula in English and Chinese. In addition to the name of the university, the number of places reserved for foreign students in the respective universities is also listed in the list below.

  1. Jilin University
  2. China Medical University
  3. Dalian Medical University
  4. Capital Medical University
  5. Tianjin Medical University
  6. Shandong University
  7. Fudan University
  8. Xinjiang Medical University
  9. Nanjing Medical University
  10. Jiangsu University
  11. Wenzhou Medical College
  12. Zhejiang University
  13. Wuhan University
  14. Huazhong University of Science & Technology
  15. Xi’an Jiaotong University
  16. Southern Medical University
  17. Jinan University
  18. Guangxi Medical University
  19. Sichuan University
  20. Chongqing Medical University
  21. Harbin Medical University
  22. Beihua University (North China University)
  23. Liaoning Medical University
  24. Jinzhou Medical University
  25. Qingdao University
  26. Hebei Medical University
  27. Ningxia Medical University
  28. Tongji University
  29. Shihezi University
  30. Southeast University
  31. Yangzhou University
  32. Nantong University
  33. Suzhou University
  34. Ningbo University
  35. Fujian Medical University
  36. Anhui Medical University
  37. Xuzhou Medical College
  38. China Three Gorges University
  39. Zhengzhou University
  40. Guangzhou Medical University
  41. Sun Yat-Sen University
  42. Shantou University
  43. Kunming Medical University
  44. North Sichuan Medical College
  45. Southwest Medical University
  46. Xiamen University

The Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE) has said that more than 45 universities in China are capable of teaching MBBS in English and have the ability to admit international students.

All medical colleges in China offer high-quality education to all who choose to study MBBS in China. In China, the MBBS program has been recognized by the MCP (Medical Council of Pakistan), the WHO (World Health Organization), and many other medical organizations around the world. The curriculum for MBBS in China in English. After completing the MBBS program, we can speak from English medium universities or List universities, and alumni can take part in various medical examinations such as the PMC (Pakistan Medical Commission), USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination), the PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board) and the ECFMG (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates).

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