Promote Brand and Drive Sales through Instagram

Social media is always a powerful tool for businesses to promote brand awareness that further helps them getting sales. Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms that help keep your business connected with potential customers.

Businesses can make huge revenues by selling on Instagram. According to data, on Instagram 90% of users follow at least one brand, 83% of users find new brands on this platform, and 80% of users believe that Instagram helps them in deciding to buy a product or service.

Let’s go through the key tactics that can help increase your sales through Instagram.

Craft your Instagram Profile into a Storefront

In order to turn followers into customers, you need to build a creative profile that helps to capture a shopper’s attention.

In your posts on Instagram, include a call to action that can entice customers to visit your store. By adding a contact number to your profile, customers who want to shop can easily connect with you.

If you post in Instagram reels, you can create short videos featuring your offers, about your products, and new launches. You can also offer free shipping and showcase this feature in your bio and include in short stories that will help attract customer to buy products. In your stories, share special offers such as discounts, showcase your products, and so on.

For getting ideas to promote your products, you may visit a local store and check how it creates a display of its products into its storefront. Take note of visual tricks, special offers just arrived items, and so on. You can implement these tactics on your Instagram business profile that you think catches the attention of the customers online.

Branding of your Instagram Profile and Posts

In order to catch the attention of the customers on Instagram, you need to have a consistent brand message. Being a business owner, you need to do branding of your profile which is helpful in maintaining a strong presence on Instagram.

Following are some ways that can help brand your profile and augment brand recognition.

  • Signature Style with your Photos

When you post photos, you need to carry consistency that can help build brand recognition. You should post images and photos of your products with a consistent brand logo and image. It helps your customers recognize your brand in a better way.

  • Branded Color Scheme

When you post on Instagram, you need to pick a specific color scheme that represents your profile on this social media platform. You can check various color combinations to enhance the visual appeal of your posts. You need to opt for different color combinations to find what seems best for your brand.

  • Choose Hashtags That Represent Your Brand

Using hashtags on Instagram help make your content have more reach to people active on the platform. You don’t need to use multiple hashtags in your posts. It’s best to analyse the top influencers and also check your competitors to find the right hashtags that you can use.

You need to make sure that your hashtags are most appropriate to your brand and goes well to the content you are posting. You can also choose branded hsahtags that will help build brand recognition and people online start recognizing your brand and products.

Engage Shoppers with Personable Instagram Content

An effective content strategy helps brands build a relationship with prospective customers on Instagram.

As thousands of companies and marketers keep posting content over this platform, so it’s quite tough to grab the attention of the customers. In order to make sale on Instagram, you need to maintain the relationship with shoppers in a way that they can rely on your products and purchase them. Having a strong reputation is the key.

  • Unique Brand Voice

Developing a personal voice for your brand will help to connect with your followers. By using emojis in your posts make your brand more personable to the customers.

You can share videos of people using your product. It will help grab the attention of the consumers. And you get a better chance to make the sale of your products. Posting videos and GIFs consistently work well on social platforms. So you can post creative and entertaining stories on Instagram that will add a unique personality to your brand.

Connect with influencers for promote your brand

Partnering with influencers on Instagram will help promote your brand effectively. Social media influencers have a huge number of loyal social media followers. Who perceive them as experts in their niches and weigh their recommendations before buying a product or service. Influencers have a strong rapport with their fans. Influencer marketing helps businesses to create brand awareness and realizing other marketing goals.

Instagram’s visual appeal makes an easy way for brands to reach potential customers. It’s the right social media platform where you can keep posting your brand’s story. That will help engage your customers and give a boost to your sales. You need to create content that gives better appeal and builds a unique brand voice.

In addition, to promote your brand on Instagram. You can approach other social media platforms like Connected India, Trell, and Helo.

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