Staffing Agency: How to Find Work Through a Staffing Agency

As many businesses are moving back into the office over a year since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for new hires is rapidly increasing. As a job seeker, you understand how hard it can be to find jobs on your own. Luckily, a staffing agency is here to help you continue your professional career.

If you are currently searching for work and are interested in using a staffing agency in Miami, read this post to learn everything you need to know about the services staffing agencies offer and how to get a job through them.

What is a staffing agency?

Put simply, a staffing agency is a middleman between employers and job seekers. Many small businesses choose to utilize staffing agencies to better streamline the hiring process. Especially if their company does not have a dedicated human resources department.

Staffing agencies work with all industries and have experience in finding qualified candidates for both skilled and unskilled positions. Staffing agencies work with professionals looking for entry-level, associate, managerial, and even part-time positions.

If you are looking to join a new industry, staffing agencies can help you find employers. That offer in-depth training programs to better prepare you. If you are already established in your industry and are looking for a new role. Staffing agencies can help match your skills and experience with the job description of a certain position.

Staffing agencies develop strong professional relationships with outside companies. Meaning they have the knowledge and experience necessary to find the right fit for employers and job seekers.

When a staffing agency successfully finds a candidate for a specific position. They typically earn a percentage of the new hire’s wages. Employers are willing to pay this money because of the grunt work staffing agencies take out of the hiring process.

What type of jobs do staffing agencies work with?

As stated above, many staffing agencies work with employers in a variety of industries. Within these industries, the three most common types of positions that staffing agencies fill are temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire.

Temporary positions are those with set start and end dates. This positions may be needed to complete projects or help with seasonal demand. Temporary positions can be skilled or unskilled with various hours and requirements.

Temp-to-hire positions begin on a temporary basis but have the potential to turn into a permanent placement. While permanent placement is not guaranteed, temp-to-hire positions typically have different requirements than temporary positions.

Direct hire positions are ideal for employers that have a long-term need for a specific position. Direct hire positions are permanent, usually full-time positions with benefits such as insurance and time off.

When you start working with a US staffing agency in Miami, make sure to specify the type of work you are looking for including how long you want the position to last.

How do staffing agencies work?

While every staffing agency is different and highly dependent on the types of positions they fill. The majority of staffing agencies follow a similar way of doing things.

Staffing agencies have a network of candidates at the ready-to-fill positions that their client companies require. If the staffing agency does not have a candidate in their network to fill a specific job. They will advertise the position on job boards.

From there, staffing agencies will review resumes. And conduct interviews with candidates that seem to be a good fit for the position. If required, staffing agencies have the ability to conduct background checks and personality tests.

Once the right candidate is found for the position, the staffing agency will issue the worker’s paycheck. And benefits as applicable. Staffing agencies do the majority of the work when it comes to the hiring process. But client companies will always determine the length of employment.

What job do seekers need to know?

Acquiring a job through a staffing agency is different from any other method of job searching. So it can be hard to understand the ins and outs of staffing agencies. If this is your first time working with one.

There are plenty of benefits of using a staffing agency over traditional job searching methods. When you sign up to work with a staffing agency. Know that they will be doing the job searching for you. It is important to be transparent about what you want in a job and what skills you have. So the staffing agency can find a good fit for you.

Throughout the interviewing and hiring process. The staffing agency will be available to give you any guidance or advice you may need. Since most staffing agencies work with clients in a variety of industries. You may come across positions that you are unfamiliar with. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to reach out to the staffing agency with any questions or concerns.

The staffing agency will set up an interview with you to learn more about your skills and experience. As well as to learn more about what it is you want in a job. It is important that you treat this interview like you would if you were interviewing for a position directly. As the staffing agency needs to gauge your interests.

When you are working with a staffing agency. Be sure to keep an open mind when it comes to different industries, companies, and positions. Staffing agencies have expertise in all things work-related. So you can trust your staffing agency to find a position that you can thrive in.

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