The “Hottest” and “Coolest” facial treatment for your skin

Facial Treatment: It’s only the truth when we tell you that natural beauty in your skin is comfortable and confident. “But how do I have glowing and lovely skin exactly?” you may ask. This is where the “Fire And Ice Facial” of iS Clinical takes place. The Fire & Ice Facial is an effective medical procedure meant to rejuvenate skin quickly and safely. It targets the aging aspect of the skin and effectively reduces fine lines and wrinkles by accelerating the process of renovation of the skin cells.

The efficiency of this facial treatment has given the Hollywood stars a big boom and followed, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry, Rosie Jessica Alba, Michelle Keegan, and several others that utilize this face to acquire a glowing and resurrected skin before the red carpet events. Therefore the treatment received the title of “Facial Red Carpet” and “Face Hollywood.”

Let’s look at the facial treatment of fire and ice more closely.

What exactly is the Fire and Ice Facial Treatment?

The Fire and Ice Facial treatment consists of several finest medicinal ingredients in a carefully designed renewing skin. It focuses on reducing problem areas such as fine lines and wrinkles to make the skin smoother and cleaner.

In two steps, this unique face treatment combines two intense restorative masks to restore the skin. The first exfoliates and heat surfaces the skin, while the second rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin by chilling. The outcome is a revitalized, luminous skin with a brilliant teint.

The Fire Part – 

The initial phase is a five-minute Intensive Surface Mask consisting of essential components such as Glycolic Acid Extract (18%), Cyric acid, Apple Extract, Retinol (Vitamin A), Niacinamides and Powerful Antioxidants, for example. It provides you also a warm and tingly nice feeling, which takes 2-3 minutes.

The Ice Part – 

The second part consists of an intensely hydrating mask to make the skin seem relaxing and calm. This stage creates a soothing and comfortable sensation for the skin, which nourishes and glows. It is made of Hyaluronic acid, Japanese green tea, grape, rosemary, layer, and aloe vera extracts. It is clinically articular.

Treatment Conclusion

After the final cleaning, the therapy ends on the patient’s face with a serum of Hydracool. In addition, a vigorous humidifying serum is used under the eyes and a powerful sunscreen to moisten the skin.

What’s more fascinating is the near minimal downtime of the procedure, in the sense that patients are not concerned about significant side effects such as inflammation, irritation, protracted redness, or shedding in their daily lives.

The Advantages of Fire and Ice Facial Treatment

The Fire & Ice Facial offers a considerably safer and faster method for face renewal, a significant improvement to the cosmetic market. One of the main advantages of this treatment is that all skin types and ages are well received. Additional benefits include:

  • Skin resurrected and revitalized
  • It helps to eliminate acne and acne scars
  • Hyperpigmentation reduction
  • Fine lines and wrinkles decrease
  • Promotes mobile renovation

Pre-Treatment Care

You must follow the measures described below to achieve the best results before your treatment:

  • Avoid laser treatment or skin waxing approximately 48 hours before therapy.
  • Continue the use of vitamin A, glycolic acid, or another element of the skin daily.
  • Consult the dermatologist and tell them your medication history as you can prohibit the use of some medicines.
  • You must first consult your dermatologist about your medical condition if you are pregnant and wish to have Fire & Ice facial therapy.


Ice and fire facial, a medical procedure, is genuinely regarded, and dermatology services should be applied. Others employ specialist equipment, requiring accreditation by the administrator. Make sure you understand these restrictions and hire a skilled specialist to carry out your selected face. There’s also no difficulty with the correct facialist walking through and giving you advice on the right choice.

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