Trip to Nepal: Some Amazing things to do

Nepal, a country that is inherently stunning, has a lot to do. Particularly popular country for mountain trekking but Nepal also offers many other adventures and exciting things to do as well as attentive activities. I will write here about the three best things to do in Nepal.

Tibet’s Secret Buddhist Kingdom of Nepal

The Upper Mustang trek is the terminal gateway to the enchanted realm of Lo Manthang ‘s ancient secret Buddhist kingdom in Upper Mustang. Once the region was for decades restricted and segregated from the rest of the world, it could emerge within its own unique culture, and rich traditions closed to Tibet.

According to FourCreeds this trek passes through one of Nepal’s desert regions and offers spectacular mountain scenery. Trek through a solid desert panorama with steeples and mountains during this trek, visit the ancient Kingdom of Lo Manthang, and explore the rain shadow, which is an excellent trek to avoid the summer monsoon.

In Chitwan National Park, Jungle safari

Chitwan National Park is a dense marshland with vast wooded surroundings and hoses down. It is one of the popular jungle safari spots in Nepal and other activities such as elephant rides, bird watching, etc. At this juncture, you might come across a bunch of attention-grabbing tropical animals such as deer, rhino, monkey, Bengal tiger, sloth bear, and more.

The special feature of the park is the elephant ride. This park is situated in south Nepal. Many fed up with the weather of mountains, snow, and winter, should try this tropical national park, which attracts the attention of thousands of travellers each year.

Trekking to the Mount Everest base camp

Everest, the highest peak in the world, lies in Nepal. Everest base camp trek is one of Nepal’s best treks, as well as the popular trekking destination worldwide. Not every single person will make it to Everest. This does not mean that not everyone will profit from the Everest.

From Kathmandu, you can board an air trip to Tenzing Hillary airport. From there you have to climb up to the Everest Base Camp for eight days. Severe trekkers are able to ramble for eleven days from Lamosangu valley. Arrive at the Rongbuk monastery if you’re not that much into trekking. It’s a next-door monastery to the Everest, and you’re going to have better lodging options.

Sightseeing City

Everything else in Nepal is a beautiful location for holidays. Picking and selecting a specific place to visit and the attractions is difficult. City Sightseeing is one of the most common things to do for those who have fewer holidays in Nepal. And for those who are not interested in trekking in the Himalayas. You can do sightseeing in Kathmandu, sightseeing in Pokhara, sightseeing in Chitwan, sightseeing in Lumbini, or even you can combine all at once and make a tour of Nepal to big popular tourist cities.

In Kathmandu, enjoy historically significant Durbar Square, royal towns, as well as temples n more places. Another is in Bhaktapur, you can find several temples for sightseeing. In Bodhnath you will visit the Bodhnathstupa which is the sightseeing place for an imperative traveler. Swayambhunath Temple, It is a 5th-century temple, the monkey temple, is an important sanctuary in Kathmandu. Because of the fact that the temple is overflowing with monkeys, children love this temple.

Pokhara is well known for the enjoyment of lakes and picturesque photos of many mountain backgrounds. Lumbini is famous for the place of origin of Siddhartha Gautama or Buddha, Maya Devi temple dedicated to Buddha’s mother, and stone relief of the 2nd century. There are also many other sightseeing sites.

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