What is EMDR? Uses of EMDR?

In 1987, psychologist Francine Shapiro developed a new type of psychotherapy called EMDR, namely optical motion monitoring and reconstruction. EMDR therapy has become a common treatment method for patients with anxiety, panic disorder, PTSD, or trauma in recent years.

According to the EMDR Research Foundation, “EMDR is an interdisciplinary method of psychology that has been extensively researched and proven to be effective in treating injuries. Now you can contact us by clicking here emdr traumatherapie EMDR treatment includes a variety of standard programs, including a variety of Treatment products. To date, EMDR has helped millions of people of all ages relieve many types of stress.”


According to FourCreeds, EMDR treatment is a face-to-face, focused method that treats trauma and other symptoms by safely reconnecting with the patient to measure images, thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations related to the trauma, and allow the brain to heal naturally. Continue to customize the solution. It is based on the idea that symptoms will appear when trauma and other negative experiences or challenges overwhelm the mind’s natural healing power, and the healing process can be promoted and completed by stimulating both parties. The doctor’s confusion in a safe environment (awareness of both).

Studies said that EMDR treatment is an eight-phase treatment. “It recognizes and deals with traumatic experiences that the brain cannot adapt to naturally, and therefore causes traumatic symptoms, such as relapse or stress, or harmful coping strategies, such as seizures, alcoholism or drug self-treatment,” he said.


Through EMDR, individuals can safely return trauma information as long as they do not further disrupt their lives. The treatment is divided into 8 areas, namely the rapid movement phase. The person focuses on memory loss and clarifies his beliefs. If it is related to this negative memory (for example, when it comes to abuse, a person may think “I deserve it”), then the person will believe that they want to have it (“I am valuable and kind”) ) My hands save it in my life. “).(emdr traumatherapie) All the emotions and feelings that accompany the memory have been identified.

Then, the person focuses on the external stimuli that cause binocular movement to check the memory. This is usually done by observing the therapist. After two bilateral exercises, People ask their own feelings, and this process continues until the memory no longer bothers them. People continue to work on the injury. And then through the activities of both parties to establish the selected sincerity to change the negative beliefs.

The meeting usually lasts one hour. Theoretically, EMDR is effective because the “bilateral stimulation” extends beyond the area of ​​the brain. Which processes the memory trapped by shock and prevents the normal functioning and storage of the brain. During EMDR, individuals process memories peacefully, which leads to a peaceful solution. Which leads to a growing perception of traumatic events and negative thoughts about themselves that emerge from traumatic events.


EMDR treatment has been approved by the American Psychological Association and the International Society for Stress Research. In addition, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Defense, and foreign agencies including the British Department of Health and the Israeli National Mental Health Commission also use the software.

According to the EMDR Research Foundation, more than 30 gold-level studies have documented the effectiveness of EMDR treatment in the past 30 years on rape and sexual abuse, violence, child abuse and neglect, and life in serious accidents. As well as symptoms such as anxiety, depression and drug abuse.

Edy Nathan of LCSW, Massachusetts is a licensed psychiatrist with more than 20 years of experience and an experienced EMDR physician. He believes that this treatment has the potential to cure patients. He said: “Technology is changing the way we deal with the physical, emotional, and psychological impacts associated with highly traumatic events.” “The pain and sense of danger transferred to the soul after a traumatic event captures the soul in such a market, causing people to feel I am in an emotional state. EMDR is committed to dissolving the dogma of the program, also known as cognition, and suddenly identifying negative effects through eye movements, and being repeated, touched or heard, while asking customers to create images of pain and danger (traumatic) that are often troubled “


According to some studies by the EMDR Institute, Inc., studies of this type of treatment show that 84%-90% of patients with simple encephalopathy no longer suffer from depression after only three 90-minute courses of treatment. Another study funded by HMO Kaiser Permanente found that after only six games in 50 minutes, 100% of high-risk victims and 77% of high-risk victims are no longer diagnosed with PTSD. In another study, 77% of veterans did not have PTSD in 12 classes.

Another difference between these types of treatment is that the therapist does not talk to the client during the procedure. (emdr trauma therapies) After the EMDR meeting, customers can experience more vivid dreams, different periods of sleep. And be more sensitive to other people’s interactions or external stimuli. At the end of each EMDR session, all this information will be communicated to the customer.


EMDR treatment is not the only treatment that is suitable for people with anxiety, PTSD, panic, and/or injuries. Just because someone is receiving this treatment does not mean that the person cannot be treated at the same time. Discuss with your therapist the various treatments or treatments that may be effective.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most common therapy. Rehabilitation Behavior Therapy (REBT) is another treatment you can consider. Also, if you don’t want to participate in various therapies. But are interested in using home remedies with the same, please check the mental health plan cycle.

If you want to find a treatment for yourself or your loved one. But are worried about the cost, please go to our article, which lists six strategies for finding affordable treatments

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