What to do if you get in a car accident in Phoenix?

Accidents on the roads are among the most unexpected events. What can be a more traumatic event than a car accident? An accident usually occurs suddenly without any clue. It is a common human experience that causes injury or permanent disability, or even death to many people all around the world every year. Road accidents are also the root of damages or loss of property.  It can cause financial and mental effects also, if you need any help you may contact a car accident lawyer in Phoenix. The consequences of any traffic accident depend on several variables- the number of vehicles that were involved, the impact, and whether vehicle occupants used safety belts or had an airbag system in the vehicle. There are three major accident types that call for an accident attorney,

  1. Auto accident. Most auto injuries and fatalities are preventable, but car crashes injure more people actually than any other accident type.
  2. Slip and fall accidents.
  3. Medical malpractice.

According to Google, approximately 1.35 million people die in road crashes every year, and on average, 30 people lose their lives every day on the roads. It is also found that around 20-50 million suffer non-fatal injuries, often resulting in long-term injuries. In spite of the advancement of vehicle technology, including adaptive headlights, backup cameras, and a forward collision system, it is the car accident that still occurs on the road. There are so many reasons behind these accidents. Such as,

  • Driving with an absent mind
  • Being drunk while driving
  • Speeding up
  • Going through red lights or stop signals
  • Careless driving
  • Driving aggressively
  • Tiredness
  • Weather condition
  • Road condition
  • Defects in vehicles 

Apart from these reasons, it is also said that around 94% of the total accidents are because of human error. Raising consciousness for all these above factors can further guide and expectantly remind drivers to stay more careful further.

Phoenix is mainly in the southwestern United States, in the south-central portion of Arizona. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, there are three fatalities every day from car crashes, and this amounts to about one thousand traffic deaths per year in Arizona. It is necessary to investigate how the accident occurs so that the guilty person can be held accountable for an accident.

People living in Arizona are advised to follow ten critical steps after an accident if they ever meet any. After an accident, it’s a very common thing that people will lose control over their emotions. Acting insane is also acceptable and normal at that time. So, it’s very tough to expect a person to behave maturely after an accident. You might be looking for the answer to the question, “What to do if you get in a car accident in Phoenix?”. That’s why we have made a list of 10 to-do’s to do if you ever meet an accident in Phoenix and divided it into ten important steps. (According to Arizona laws). 

Step-1: You have to stop the vehicle

Leaving the accident place by driving a car so fast is a very common scenario of escaping the incident. It is also very normal if the other party does the same because it’s very tough to think about what to do at that time. If you leave the place of an accident without stopping your car and collecting and giving information to the other driver, it is something that goes against the law in Arizona. Punishment for a case like “hit and run” is significant, you may end up in jail, and the duration can be 30 days to 12 years. According to Arizona law, drivers have to stop and exchange their basic information following any kind of accident, and the size or the amount of harm doesn’t matter here.

Step-2: Try to help the injured people (including yourself)

Helping others in bad times is the greatest virtue a human can have. A huge number of people would live today if somebody helped them after the accident. According to title 28, Section 661 of Arizona Revised, it is said that the injured people from any accident must be given the medical and transportation support that they need immediately after an accident.

Step-3: Try to communicate with the police

It is really necessary to inform the police if you ever witness an accident.  After reaching the spot, they will collect data and make a report about the harm that happened in the accident. For any kind of further legal process, this report will play a very important role. You have to help the police authority as much as you can by saying true things.  Even the most minor thing should be noted down on that report.

Step-4: Collect the basic identifying information from the other driver

You must know what information you should exchange. You have to exchange,

  • The name 
  • His/her whereabouts
  • Legal driving license 
  • The registration number of the vehicle

Collecting this information is necessary if you are planning to apply for compensation for your damages. Make sure the information is authentic.

Step-5: Look for a witness who can give an honest statement

In any accidents, potential witnesses can be,

  • Bystanders 
  • People from other vehicles
  • People in the nearby shops

Most of the time, it is hard to get a witness. It’s because people do not like to get involved in any accident case. If you luckily get a witness, make sure to collect all the information from him/her,

  • Living address 
  • Telephone number
  • Telephone number of his/her close relatives.

Step-6: Ask for medical help

Whatever happens, the victim’s health condition should be the first priority. If you get hurt in any kind of accident, you must ask for medical help as fast as possible, and visiting the doctor will make your records and statements stronger if you ever want to ask for legal help. If you do not take any medical help, the other party may claim that you were not injured in the accident.

Step-7: Contact your insurer

Though you are not guilty of the accident, you have to make a call to the insurance provider after an accident takes place and be ready if the other party claims anything illegal. For this, you have to have the driver’s basic identifying information to provide it to your insurance provider.

Step-8: Document every necessary information

To get justice, you have to make perfect documentation. The document must contain,

  • Papers from hospital
  • A timeline of documents that proves your pain and sufferings
  • Photographs of the injury and damages, if possible

Step-9: Be careful about what you say to the insurance adjuster

Be careful about one thing, accepting a settlement will hinder you from making any kind of claim regarding the damages later. If you discover later that the loss is less than the settlement, you won’t be able to do anything. After getting the call from the adjuster, be straightforward about if you want the settlement or not.

Step-10: Consult with an attorney as fast as possible

If the accident is more than just a minor accident, talk with an attorney as soon as possible. There are so many bright accident attorneys in Arizona. You may consider hiring a bright Arizona personal injury attorney having good experience.  They will help you to get the compensation and the justice also.


The right steps after an accident can minimize the loss and even can save lives. Besides, every citizen must abide by laws which is beneficial for all. Hopefully, the information from ‘what to do if you get in a car accident in Phoenix’ will be supportive for you.

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