Who Are Top Prostate Surgeons And What They Do?

The prostate is a gland under the bladder, which is located on the front side of the rectum. It has a vital role in the reproductive system of the male body. It is responsible for producing sperm fluids. The top prostate surgeons who perform the operations to remove this gland, either complete or partially, is known as prostatectomy.

The common reason behind doing the surgery on these glands is either because of prostate cancer or the increase in the size of the prostate.

The first step before getting the surgery is to get proper knowledge and information about prostate surgery. All the surgery related to the prostate is done in the general anesthesia process. These two ways are used: the first is making the patient sleep, and the second is making the patient’s lower body part completely numb so that the patient does not feel any pain and the operation can be done easily.

What is the goal of the surgery?

  • To make sure the problems which the patient is facing are cured and brought back to normal conditions.
  • To bring back the erection process to normal and patients erection ability is maintained just like before.
  • Also, to make sure the patients do not face any side effects after the surgery.
  • To minimize the pain which the patient is going to feel during and after the surgery process.

The surgery is performed by the top prostate surgeons in Miami who are very skilled and have experience. They are specially trained for this surgery, and their specialization is in this field.

After-effects of surgery on the patient:

Once the top prostate surgeons complete the surgery, cover the reproductive system of the male body with a catheter. This is done to make your bladder completely drain out. Surgeons say that the catheter should be there for at least 2-3 weeks so that the chances of getting any types of side effects can be minimal.

Generally, after 24 hours of the operation, patients are allowed to get discharged. In some cases, patients need to stay in the hospital for a few days to ensure they do not suffer from any types of pain or infections. Once the operation is done, and you are not facing any types of pain anymore, the catheter is removed safely so that the patient can urinate by themselves. Below are a few of the problems which the patient can face after prostate surgery.

  • Chances of blood coming out in the urine
  • Irritation in the urinary part
  • Difficulties while holding your urine even for a minute
  • Infections in the urinary part, if not taken care of in a proper manner

Above are some of the common symptoms faced by every patient who goes through this surgery, but with proper medicines and care, this all gets cured easily; the surgeon suggests not to any types of activities and makes sure your reproductive part is safe.

There are also chances that the patients may feel fever, but because you are getting difficulty while urinating, or your urine is getting a block, make sure to call your doctor. It is recommended that after the surgery cleaning the wound and keeping it safe is very important. If not cleaned properly, the chance of getting infections is very high. You can check here the Top Urology Surgeons.

Taking medicine prescribed by the surgeons is very important. It is going to help you in getting rid of pain and making your wounds normal fast.

The person who recovered from the prostate surgery should not get into any activity that requires high energy. As it makes creates pressure on the lower part, so avoid all these to get recovered fast.

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