6 Home Improvement Tips without Major Renovation

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, one thing is obvious about 2020: We have all spent a lot of time at home. If you’ve been looking for months at the same four walls, you’re likely to make a few changes in your mood. Giving your home a facelift does not require major surgery; with these 6 easy tips, you can instantly change the mood and elevate the design in your home:

Rearrange the Furniture

FourCreeds says that simply turn the couch from one wall to the other wall; shift things around in a big way, actually. Moving chairs and tables from one room to another, pillows, and accents. Develop cosy groupings of conversations where friends and relatives can visit in comfort. Try to make sure that a table is within arm’s reach for any seat. You can use the pieces you have with a keen eye and some imagination in innovative ways to refresh your home.

Add New Lighting

Good lighting will truly offer life to a room. A poorly lit space looks tiny, dark and crowded, while it appears spacious, airy and inviting to a brightly lit room. There are many ways of brightening up your home with decorations. Some of the simplest approaches are as easy as purchasing table lamps and floor lamps for your home.

Switch to White

Turn to Sheets in White. Imagine the most comfortable hotel beds you’ve ever seen or seen in your mind. Now what do both of them have in common? Clean, crisp linen. For an instantly sumptuous feel, replace your bold colours and patterns with high-quality pure white sheets and duvets.

Shelves re-style

Give them a very thorough dusting, take everything off the shelves and then start new. Layering is one secret to achieving appealing, styled shelves. Place items in 3-D arrangements; to produce visual depth, the accents should sit in front, to the side, or on top of each other. Keep balanced in your arrangements. To make the things in front stand out more to avoid blank spaces, stand items up against the back or even suggest adding wallpaper to the background. Keep the colours in the same family and make sure different textures are used.

Use the Trays

Busy homes have a tendency to look busy; on flat surfaces, the many small bits of daily life accumulates mercilessly. Tables and counters for “things” are magnets. Corralling the entire miscellany on trays makes an immediate difference. Still, the items you need remain within easy reach, but the room looks clean and deliberate. When your hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, and perfume live together in harmony on an enticing tray, rather than wandering aimlessly and freely around the counter, your bathroom gets a good dose of chic. For bedside tables, kitchens, end tables, and coffee tables, trays are ideal for adding style.

Replacing the old hardware with new

There’s plenty of hardware in your house. In every single room of your house, items such as doorknobs, hinges, faucets, cabinet pull, and wall plates are present. A minor change that has a major effect is replacing the old hardware with new parts or upgrades the hardware as much as you can.


To fully change the feel of your home, you can use these easy tips. Now, this is the perfect time to offer a fresh new look to your home.

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