6 Red Flags to Note While Choosing a Moving company in Wisconsin

You need to accept the fact that not all moving companies in Wisconsin believe in a fair game. Though a majority of movers in the industry are genuine, there exist a few movers that you need to be extremely cautious about. And before you agree to a moving company quote, it is crucial that you confirm whether you are dealing with a genuine mover or not. 

From demanding extra money on a moving day to send out unprofessional movers who are rude to you, there are several stories about movers in Wisconsin who are not fair players. 

To help you identify the red flags and save you from disastrous situations, we have got a few tips for you. 

1. They price by cubic feet and not by pounds

According to FourCreeds, Usually, moving companies in Wisconsin use weight to calculate the moving cost. For example, the moving company quotes at $1.63 per pound, the shipping cost for your chair weighing 11.25 pounds will be $1.63 x 11.25 = $18.34. 

When you are charged by the cubic feet, the price of your move will be based on how the moving container is packed. And you would be ignorant about how much it will cost you to ship your chair. However, that doesn’t sound fair. 

2. No personal survey of your home

After you receive the primary moving cost estimate, the moving company’s representative visits the home to analyze the volume of household items. He takes the stock of every item, big and small to evaluate how much will it cost. With this, the mover can provide an accurate moving company quote. 

However, a mover when is not serious about business but is in search of an option to take away your money will not send anyone to the home for a survey. Do not accept online moving company quotes or quotes via call and demand the company to send someone home.

3. You receive multiple calls after filling the form

Usually, you would require filling many forms to obtain a moving company quote only. However, this is to get a rough moving cost estimate. But post you fill the forms; you’ll receive three separate calls from three seemingly separate companies who claim to have different names. While they pursued you to get three moving cost estimates, you may not realize that all three calls are from the same company. The quotes are tweaked to dupe you into accepting the price they want you to pay. And since you only have quotes from a single company, you cannot determine if the quotes are reasonable or exorbitant.

4. You will be asked for advance payment

No genuine mover in Wisconsin will demand advance payment in full. And when a moving company asks you for this, you need to realize that it is a scam. 

5. They won’t talk about liability protection

Legally, every moving company in the US is required by the FMSCA to offer you two types of liability protection. Full replacement value protection and released value protection. A decent mover will walk you through the process while discussing the moving company quote; a rogue mover will skip that part. 

6. They offer a guaranteed price

You need to know that a moving company quote is determined by multiple factors. And there cannot be a uniform cost for all moving. However, certain movers promise a guaranteed cost and this is a scam. In the beginning, you may assume it to be a fair game but at the later stages. You would require paying for every service and you would end up paying a huge amount. 

Always be cautious while dealing with a moving company and this promises that you are not trapped. 

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