Is Qatar Worth Visiting?

In short, yes. The emirate of Qatar is rich in oil and gas and is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. The country boasts a combination of comfortable oceanfront relaxation, inexpensive shopping, and gentle Islamic traditions.

It is located on the Qatari Peninsula on the shores of the Persian Gulf. People come here for diving and beach recreation, safari, camel races, and excursions to the Bedouins.

Why go?

Life in Qatar is depicted by a high level of well-being of citizens, zero unemployment, and a low crime rate. Tourists are attracted by the rich, colorful history, originality, and infrastructure comparable to European standards. Qatar is a clear example of how a person can change the quality of life and the urban landscape in just decades.

The emirate’s culture is based on respecting and maintaining its traditions and customs, formed under the influence of Islam. Daily life in this country complies with Sharia law. For example, it is considered indecent to walk bare shoulders and in clothes above the knees; drinking alcohol on the street is prohibited. When communicating with a resident, one should not talk about personal life, religion, local women, laws, and customs.

The coast in Qatar is sandy with small islands, spits, and reefs, beautifully landscaped and with a magnificent view of the ocean. Moreover, residents strive to make the rest of the guests comfortable and unforgettable. As a result, the tourist gets an excellent quality of service for less money than the neighboring UAE.

When to go?

Summers in Qatar are scorching. The average air temperature in August is + 45C, in January + 7C. Therefore, the best time to visit is from September to December and from March to May.

In the desert, we found +47. It was +42 in the city, but no one walks there for more than 15 minutes, and all rooms (even underground passages) have air conditioning. A life hack from the locals -go out of the house in the evening. Sandstorms often occur in Qatar – you can breathe, but 200-meter skyscrapers at two kilometers are challenging to distinguish.

How to get there?

There are regular flights between a few European countries and the Qatari capital Doha. Travel time depends on where you are flying from. They also get to Doha through Istanbul: it takes a little longer, but the cost is lower.


Hotels in Qatar are comfortable with a high level of service. But unfortunately, there are practically no budget hotels in the country.


Traditional Qatari dishes are based on dates, camel milk, and butter. Tourists are offered meat and fish dishes, seafood (shrimp, crabs, lobster, tuna, and perch). The meat is halal. A popular traditional dish is a stew with rice or seafood. In addition, tourists are advised to try chickpea puree with sesame seeds, grape leaves stuffed with rice, stuffed zucchini, lamb with rice, and nuts. Among the desserts in Qatar are pistachio pudding and bread pudding with nuts and raisins. Qatar’s traditional drinks are fruit waters, herbal teas, and coffee: weak, with a lot of sugar – “Bedouin style” and strong, without sugar, with cardamom or date pits – “Arabic”. Alcohol is not accepted in the country but is available in restaurants and hotels.


The primary means of transportation in Qatar are taxis and private cars. Most of the locals prefer expensive cars – Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini. Urban public transport is represented by buses and minibusses, but they run exceptionally rarely and irregularly. When renting a car (Qatar rent-a-car is a fantastic service), you can use an international driver’s license in the first week of your stay, but in the future, you should apply for a local temporary permit. A credit card and passport are required for renting to confirm age. The movement is right-hand. Petrol is cheap, SUVs are in vogue.

Is it safe in Qatar?

Absolutely. The homicide rate in Qatar is 97.5%, below the world average. There are almost no thefts, hijackings and robberies, and if they do happen, then at night and in areas inhabited by migrants. There is no practical sense in crime. The population is roughly 2.5 million people. The culprit will almost certainly be found and brought to justice.

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