Emirate: Few Interesting Facts about the Dubai

Towers touching the sky, traffic jams from sports cars and national clothes in everyday life are not all that a tourist may find unusual in Emirate. In this city, ancient customs are intertwined with innovation. We suggest reading these facts that will help you understand the nature of one of the most expensive cities globally and become a welcome guest of Dubai.

National dress

In the wardrobe of a native, the main thing is the traditional outfit. Long men’s kandura dresses made of light cotton are complemented by a headscarf with an ikalband. Women wear floor-length dresses embroidered with beads and gold. The head is covered with a scarf, and the face is covered with a veil. In the closet of an indigenous inhabitant, there may be up to 50 dresses – such clothes are not worn for a special occasion or on holiday, but every day. She can change several times a day so that her owner always looks neat and fresh. Even in winter, Dubai people wear long dresses over their sweaters.

Hospitality in the homes of Dubai

Residents are good-natured, open people. So, you should definitely accept the invitation to have a cup of coffee, especially since it has a rich taste and a spicy aroma of cardamom here. The rule of good form is to drink two or three cups of a refreshing drink, taking it with your right hand. Just remember to take off your shoes at your doorstep.

The hospitality championship is held annually in Dubai, sponsored by the heir to the Prince of Dubai Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum. The main prize is US $ 1.5 million. During the event, the jury will taste traditional Arabic cuisine prepared by women from local families, using old recipes and their own culinary secrets.

Religious canons

Arabs sacredly honor the Koran and expect respect for their religion from foreigners. Although Dubai is considered quite democratic in terms of the appearance and behavior of guests in the city, the locals are still demanding many traditions. For example, according to the canons, they should pray five times a day. So do not be surprised if one of the Arab employees in the office leaves for prayer in another room, taking a rug with him.

The locals have a special relationship with Ramadan. All shops in Dubai are closed during this period, and during the daytime, men and women altogether refuse to eat, observing the fast. In addition, drinking alcohol is prohibited for both Arabs and guests of the city.

Exotic pets

According to FourCreeds, Pets in Dubai are not at all like those we are used to. Among the favorites of the Arab nobility are big cats and camels, which they manage to carry with them in the car. A common sight is a tiger looking out of a vehicle in a traffic jam. Yes, and lovely ladies with dogs you rarely meet here, but a stately woman in a cape with a cheetah on a leash or a lion cub in her arms – please.

Love for gold

The people of Dubai have a particular weakness for gold objects. So, everything is decorated with precious metal – from cars to desserts with edible gold powder. Even the vending machines don’t sell chocolate and chips, but gold bars.

You can find exclusive shoes, baby pacifiers, accessories for smartphones, and even a piano lavishly decorated with expensive metal in stores. Of course, all elements are made of high-quality 750-carat gold.

Tourists-lovers of the precious metal should investigate the Gold Souk (Deira Market), where there are 150 shops filled with Indian and Arabian gold.

Inexpensive leisure and exclusive services

No one is surprised that the local elite is used to living in a grand style, but sometimes the scale is simply surprising! So, for example, regular tennis is not exactly what the wealthy Dubaians prefer because it is much more interesting to wave rackets on the helipad. The tennis court is located 300 meters above sea level. The Star Trek site was designed by a 24-year-old female designer, Rebecca Gernon. The take-off area serves as a tennis court and a space for advertising campaigns for popular brands such as Aston Martin.

Residents of the Emirate are maximalists in everything. So, if they suddenly manage to get stuck in a traffic jam, there is nothing shameful to call a helicopter with a platform for a car that will take them home for dinner. A valuable service, isn’t it?

Pro-tip: getting around in the Emirate is easy; you don’t have to use public transportation if you don’t want to. However, we advise that if you own a car, equip it with the corresponding tyres. You can also buy tyres online.

Modern and traditional architecture

And in conclusion, I would like to recall the architecture of the Emirate because this is the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning the Emirate. Swirling skyscrapers of a strange shape seem to be undergoing metamorphosis. The Raffles Hotel in the form of the Egyptian pyramid, the spiral Cayan Tower, the asymmetrical Address Downtown Dubai – each of the ultra-modern buildings is the embodiment of bold design solutions. Here you can feel the power and greatness in every detail!

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