What Are The Best Beaches To Visit In Europe?

Are you a beach bug who has booked flights from USA to London or other parts of Europe? And are now looking for the top best beaches to visit in Europe, then you have landed at the very right place.

Europe is a beautiful continent having an amazing coastal line so if you share a love for beaches a trip to Europe would be a perfect getaway. An ideal opportunity to relax and rejuvenate on the picture-perfect sand beaches enveloped with luscious green European beaches has it all. No matter you are planning a romantic holiday, solo travel, or a trip with friends and family, European beaches provide the best sceneries and amazing opportunities for everyone to gather some great memories.

Let’s find out the answer to what are the top best beaches to visit in Europe

Nerja Beach, Andalusia, Spain

Situated in one of the most beautiful regions of Europe, Andasulai, Nerja Beach is a picturesque beauty. Just 1 km away from Malaga Airport, Nerja Beach is easily accessible and is well connected to public transportation. Planning a beach picnic with your family? The beach would provide you the perfect opportunity to relax, whereas your children can play beach games and build sandcastles. 

For romantic getaways take a long walk on the shores during the night while gazing at the stars and then eat at a beautiful, colorfully lit-up compact restaurant. 

Haukland Beach, Norway

An arctic dream coming to daylight, Haukland Beach in Norway is an absolute beauty. A paradise for travelers decorated with the northern lights and dancing auroras in the night and vibrant sunshine during the daytime, Haukland Beach is a great honeymoon destination. 

With the rusty granite peaks set over creamy sand and the blue as the sapphire sea, everything about Haukland beach looks like it comes straight from heaven. The water on the beach stays chilly and never hits the mark of above 15 degrees Celsius. 

Cala Goloritze, Sardinia, Italy

An absolute coastal beauty residing at Sardinia’s east coast, Cala Goloritze, gasps out loud like a sublime. Embezzled with pearl-like pebbles, the beach has crystal clear water and is the purest aquarium blue. Limestone cliffy adding a rustic look to its beauty, the flora. And fauna decorate it as well as provides the beach its magnificent charm. 

West Beach, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Situated in the wilderness of the Outer Hebrides, West Beach is among the most beautiful remote beaches of the continent. The through dunes and machair grasses around the beach add a rustic yet elegant element to its beauty. 

If you looking for a beach that isn’t stuffed out with people and provides a more intimate experience then West Beach would be perfect for you.

Take direct flights to Poland from USA to visit the magnificent Polish beaches.

Praia Da Arrifana, Algarve, Portugal

Residing the gorgeous wilderness of Algarve’s, Praia Da Arrifana beach is an absolute beauty of Portugal. Encountering fewer crowds, grand Atlantic waves, and picturesque scenic beauty, Praia Da Arrifana is wind-whipped and settled on the west coast. 

The beachside is well equipped with places that you would love to pay a visit to and restaurants that serve some delicious seafood platters and dishes. 

Barafundle Bay, Pembrokeshire Coast, Wales

Equipped with marvelous scenic beauty, Barafundle Bay at Prembokshire Coast has its own charm. Except for playing games, and relaxing around the beach, a walkover gorse-clocked cliff top could be a great adventure. Decorated with giant dunes and butterscotch sand and clear water Barafundle Bay provides a bundle of mixed memories to its visitors.

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Greece

In the list of best beaches in Europe: A postcard beauty, Navagio Beach is situated in Zakynthos, Greece. A destination you will be glad to choose Navagio beach is filled with pastel colors. And has the nickname of Shipwreck Beach. Having a mesmerizing arc of sand and sea blue as a sapphire, Navagio Beach is every beach bug’s dream. Looking just like some heavenly pictures have taken, the shape of reality this place is nothing less than dreams coming into reality.

Raudasandur, Latrabjarj Peninsula, Iceland

Residing in the remote parts of Latrabjarg Peninsula, Iceland is vast, empty, and anything but gorgeous. The brown sand of the constitutes of crushed scallop sells the beach is decorated with spinning dark cliffs backed by a wild sea. Hiking here is one of the major sports. And if you are an adventurous soul then you must keep an eye on seals and puffins while doing that. 

Adriatic, Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Adriatic doesn’t get more photogenic and gorgeous than Sveti Stefan in Montenegro. Enveloped with luscious greens, the land has pined up with olive trees and magnificent 15th century stone villas. The pink sand and clear water of the beach provide a different aesthetic to its beauty. Relax upon the beach or play along the shores or just book a nearby resort to relax and rejuvenate while filling your heart with a bunch of memories.

Zlatni Rat, Brac Island, Croatia

The poster picture of Croatia beaches, Zlatni Rat is a part of the gorgeous Brac Island, Croatia. Although the beach is always filled with people but visiting the off-season could be a great chance to be introduced to less crowd. This glorious sand-and-pebble-beach welcomes you with pine trees that offer shade and beauty to the beauty. 

Dueodde, Bornholm, Denmark

Appearing like a serene painting. Dueodde beach reclines at the southern parts of Bornholm islands situated in Denmark’s Baltic Sea region. Decorated with extensive dunes and tall pine trees and snow-white sand. This place is among the favorite tourist destinations of Denmark. Take a long walk along the shores or just dine at a nearby restaurant this place provides you all the space. And solitude you are ever going to need.

Spiaggia dei Conigili, Sicily, Italy

A rugged valconic beach beauty, Spiaggia dei Conigili is one of the best locations in Siciliy. A still kind of secret beach, this beach somehow manages to stay away from international tourists’ eyes. Take long walks upon the bleached sand or enjoy the beauty of the aquatic water. Every experience provided at the beach is as marvelous as the beauty of the beach.

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