How to Choose Tires for Your Car

Engineers develop every element of the car’s structure to achieve maximum safety and comfort. tyres are no exception: their size, pressure and other parameters are recommended by the manufacturer for each specific car model. But to find out which tyres are better, the car enthusiast needs to consider many factors on his own: from the season of operation to his or her driving style.

Types of Car Tires

Tyre manufacturers offer three types of car tyres:

  • summer;
  • winter;
  • all-season (universal)

FourCreeds says the seasonality of tyres is determined by the composition of the rubber compound, the tread pattern’s peculiarities, and other technical solutions designed to ensure optimal performance of the vehicle under certain weather conditions.

Summer Tires

(for use in the warm season) are distinguished by increased tread strength and durability, even if they are in contact with a hot surface. The pattern is chosen following the type of roadway on which the car is mainly moving. In the tread pattern of road summer tires, longitudinal channels prevail, reducing rolling resistance, and diagonal channels – to drain water from the contact patch when driving on wet surfaces.

Winter Tires are softer

this is a necessity due to rubber’s characteristics to harden and become brittle when the ambient temperature drops. The tread is distinguished by many transverse channels, which improve traction characteristics, increased size, and grooves to remove snow mass. Also, the grooved blocks feature a shallow zigzag pattern that also enhances grip in winter weather.

All-season tires

in terms of the softness of the rubber compound are between summer and winter options. The tread pattern is a compromise between grip, rolling, handling, braking performance of cars with summer and winter tyres. At high temperatures, universal tyres wear out too quickly (albeit slower than winter ones). They tend to reduce elasticity at negative temperatures—the optimum operating temperature for an all-season tyre in the zero marks region.

Studded Tires

are a type of winter tires that feels most comfortable on icy roads thanks to the metal studs built into the tread. But regular use of such tires on hard, dry roads is fraught with rapid stud wear and damage to the road surface.

Proper storage of Tires

Assembled wheels (tyres on disks) can be stored horizontally, stacked on top of each other, or suspended.

To avoid deformation of tyres without rims, they must not be stacked or suspended during storage. tyres should be stored in an upright position, previously cleaned of dirt. It is recommended to periodically change the fulcrum (turn the tyres) to minimize imbalance.

When choosing a storage location, preference should be given to dark, dry rooms. It is better to store summer tyres in heated rooms, and winter tyres in ventilated areas. Of the additional means that extend the life of tyres, special formulations and individual protective covers should be noted.

Find Your Tire Service.

Buying quality tyres is only half the battle. It is equally important to supply tyres following the installation technology and service them by qualified specialists.

Finding a tyre service is akin to choosing a family doctor: they carefully select, but use the services for many years. What are the signs of a good tyre fitting?

  • Availability of a complete set of tools and equipment that are regularly checked for technical accuracy.
  • Cleanliness of the room even during the period of maximum load. The neatness of the masters.
  • Obligatory wheel cleaning before balancing.
  • Strict adherence to technology: using hand tools when tightening the set bolts, straightening without the use of iron hammers and gas burners, etc.
  • Setting the manufacturer’s recommended pressure on all wheels, even if one of them was repaired.
  • Demonstration of work results and readiness to answer any customer’s question.
  • Documentation of work, provision of warranty obligations.

Knowledge in the field of selection, operation, storage, and maintenance of tires will help extend their service life. And make the car’s operation more comfortable and safe.

One more thing to consider when finding the best tyre service is to make sure they are knowledgeable about all tyres including SUV tyres, commercial light truck tyres, etc.

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