Tricks to Find Out If an Executive Is the Right Fit For your Company

Read Their Body Language

After writing a job post, searching for the talent, screening and shortlisting come to the interview process and this is where the recruiter sees how the person is, what body language the candidate has.

According to FourCreeds, while taking the interview, look closely in their arm movements, gestures, eye contact and handshake. The body language can tell you a lot about the person, how confident or nervous the candidate is, how he is feeling at the moment, how he feels about the opportunity you are offering and how much interested he is in taking the job.

See if They Have the Skills for The Job

Another important thing which a recruiter should see is if the candidate has the right set of skills or no. Seeing this is very obvious but a lot of times, recruiters don’t pay attention to detail. They might get impressed by a lot of gestures like candidate’s confidence, general knowledge, proactiveness, can-do attitude and other various soft skills and not focus on the exact skills required for the job they are hiring. The recruiters should always keep all the requirements in front of them and check if the candidate has those skills.

To check if the candidate acquires the right skillset, you either ask the skills-focused questions or can test him/her in the next stage once and if the candidate clears the first stage.

Find out What Matters to Them

Another important thing for the hiring manager to consider is to find out what the candidate is looking for in the job and why he is interested in the job. See if he really is willing and passionate to add value in the company or he is only interested in the job so he can pay the bills.

Companies like Google and Apple are known for their intensive interview processes. Questions like ‘If you could be remembered for one sentence, what would it be’. This question is from Google’s interview questions and if asked, it tells you a lot about the person, how they think, how they express, what they care about, and how much time do they take when asked such a simple yet complex question.

Catch them Off Guard

For a better understanding of how well the candidate fits for the position, it’s better for the hiring manager to ask questions that the candidate is not prepared for.

You can take, for example, the question ‘tell me about yourself’ is almost asked by every recruiter but asking a particular question focused directly on the job role is asked by a few.

For example, if you are to hire a marketing executive for a fashion brand, you might want to ask a skills-based question like ‘why are you wearing the outfit you have on today’. By answering such questions, a candidate can reveal a lot more than his personal style statement including the way he talks about clothing and style. His passion for fashion and trends, and if he would fit into the brand’s culture and style.

This kind of sudden and situational question can tell a lot about the candidate’s skill set and how much they are actually talented.

Pay Attention to the Questions They Ask

Now another important tip to hire an executive is to look closely at what questions the candidate is asking you, this way you will know what he is interested in and if his interest is complementing the job requirement or not.

By their questions, they will give you the indication of how enthusiastic they are, the way they diagnose problems and how well they process data and more.

Get Feedback

Once you are done with the interview and you have made the decision, engage yourself with the recruiting team who was present with you during the interview and the company leaders who were not present during the interview. Inform them about your decision and ask them for their feedback.

These are some tips to find out if an executive is the right fit for your company. You can also outsource the recruitment to an executive search firm such as ecap. The company has a lot of experience in hiring executives and placing them in the right companies.

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