How to Find Accommodation in Canada

Accommodation in Canada: People immigrate to Canada for multiple reasons. Some live a peaceful life, some immigrate to Canada for work and so much more. For all newcomers, finding a decent place to stay is a very complex task to do.

The nature of your accommodation depends upon the requirements that suit your lifestyle and the purpose of your stay in Canada. You can find a temporary home, apartments, or houses for rent or otherwise. This article lists all the important reasons that should be kept in mind from the first night of your stay in Canada and everything else.

Temporary accommodation in Canada

For your pre-arrival in Canada, you must take care that you have a place to crash on the initial few nights. You will find many hotels in the urban cities that you can book in advance. If you have a restrained budget, you can also choose hostels to stay in since they will fulfill all your short-term accommodation requirements. 

According to Tourism Busines expert, You can even book yourself a self-catering accommodation for a couple of weeks or even months that can also suit your pre-arrival needs in Canada. One of the major providers for this is Airbnb. Canada also has provision for the city and province-specific local rental companies to issue temporary homes and apartments that will be available to you through the internet.

Finding houses and apartments for rent in Canada

If you want to find a temporary place to stay, you will be showered with so many options. Canada has all kinds of rental accommodation that includes apartments, condominiums, and houses. 

There are houses that you will find in whole while some will offer you certain units. The houses that have two units are known as duplexes. The three is known as a triplex.  In many houses, you will get rental rooms that have a shared bathroom and other living utilities. 

There are apartments that are up for rent built specifically for bachelor’s or dorm rooms that have a bedroom cum living room in comparison to those which have multiple rooms and living areas that are built-in separate spaces.

You must take note that basic services like water and electricity are not included in the rent. And You can visit the local service providers who will help you to get settled in Canada. You can also look through the classified section in the regional libraries, newspapers, and websites like Kijiji and Craigslist. There are also Facebook groups that help you find new places to stay. There are specific Facebook groups of newcomers and immigrants in Canada who are extremely helpful. 

Another way you can find a place to stay is that you walk around the neighborhood where you have been putting up. Most of the time the landlords put up signboards for empty rooms and apartments in search of a tenant.

Getting a lease in Canada

FourCreeds says, If you hope to get a more durable place to stay in Canada. You will be required to produce proof that will determine if you have the ability to pay the rent or not. Landlords check through these documents before granting you a lease. The Paperworks include:

  • Bank savings that prove that you have enough money to pay the rent for a few months
  • References from the landlords, wherever you were staying previously
  • Your recent salary slips

Numerous landlords will incline toward Canadian documentation, which can be awkward or outlandish for fresh immigrants. Although, there are landlords out there who will lease their homes and condos to newcomers, so if you fail quite a few times don’t get disheartened, you must keep trying!

Things to note when searching for a place in Canada:  

  • Rentals in Canada will in general beginning on the first of consistently, with a more modest number opening up on the fifteenth of consistently. Plan your excursion considering this as you need to guarantee you have a decent scope of choices. Showing up around fourteen days before month’s end is fitting, as you get a sufficient chance to find out with regards to your environmental factors and find reasonable houses or condos for lease in Canada.
  • Most houses and condos for lease in Canada need a large portion of a month’s lease as a security store.
  • Rental houses and accommodation in Canada are usually furnished, so always enquire before a review. Furnishing a spot can set aside time and cash, so attempt Craigslist for cheap and complimentary stuff. The ideal opportunity to get great arrangements on furniture is towards the month’s end as individuals are moving and will regularly sell their assets at thump-down costs.
  • Know your freedoms as an occupant. Come out as comfortable with occupancy law in the territory you anticipate moving to.
  • Shockingly, there are online tricks that endeavor to hoodwink individuals into paying stores on properties that don’t exist. Be careful with counterfeit promotions while looking for convenience in Canada.

How much is rent in Canada?

It is difficult to make an assumption about the rent in Canada because it is so wide and diverse.

After commendable research of the data provided by, we have accumulated important information that will help you understand the renting system in Canada better. The city of Edmonton offers a one-bedroom apartment that costs less than $1,000 every month. On the other hand, in Vancouver, a one-bedroom apartment will cost more than $2,000. In-between these price ranges the place which is closer to the lower end area Montreal, Hamilton, and Calgary while Toronto and Ottawa are more expensive. Toronto rental prices in particular have become more expensive over the years.

According to the National Rent Report by, the most expensive cities for renting purposes are all in the provinces of British Columbia and Ontario. While Vancouver and Toronto reach the top of the list.

We would also recommend you to use this website called Numbeo, where you can check the cost of living and compare the living spaces to see what suits you the best. One-room apartments and condos in both Toronto and Vancouver are presently beating $2,000 each month. Along these lines you might have to think twice about some space; possibly there’s a more reasonable area outside the downtown area with great public travel joins, or perhaps you should seriously mull over sharing on address with others, essentially first of all. Or then again, you could consider moving to another city inside and out. 

What is the most reasonable spot from Canada’s point of view?

Of the bigger Canadian urban communities, Montreal stays the most reasonable large city in Canada to lease. The normal cost of a month’s lease in Canada’s second-biggest city is still under $1,000, and substantially less in case you are sharing convenience. This contrasts well and other enormous Canadian urban communities. Different urban communities in Quebec, like Quebec City and Gatineau, are much more reasonable with regards to lease. 

Their information additionally clarifies that while Ontario is home to Canada’s most costly urban areas for leasing, it’s likewise home to the absolute generally reasonable. Novices looking for more reasonable rentals should look towards more modest urban areas in Ontario and Quebec. 

MoneySense additionally has a helpful report on lease costs in Canada, and their information clarifies that while Ontario is home to Canada’s most costly urban areas for leasing, as illustrated over, it’s likewise home to probably the least expensive. 

Immigrants who arrive in Canada looking for more reasonable rentals might look towards more modest urban areas in Ontario and Quebec. 

Convenience in Canada: leases and installment  

Except if in any case concurred, you will probably have marked a rent for a fixed-term, frequently one year. When the fixed-term passes, the term might be restored for a further year, or change to a ‘month-to-month course of action. Examine with your landowner prior to marking a rent. 

Rules on lease increments differ from one territory to another. 

In Ontario, lease increments should happen no less than a year apart, and occupants need to get somewhere around 90 days of notice. The common government sets the most extreme suitable lease increment – for 2022, the rule on lease expansions in Ontario is 1.2%. 

Comparable standards apply in British Columbia, where the most extreme passable lease increment for 2022 in BC is 1.5%. 

Rents in Alberta may likewise possibly be expanded if it has been over one year since the past increment. Notwithstanding, there is no cap on the measure of increments like in Ontario and British Columbia.

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