Samsung Smart Switch Windows for Seamless Data Transfers

Smart Switch is the easiest way to transfer all your data from one device to another. Samsung introduced the Smart Switch as their official program to move all your contacts, calendar, music, photos, notes, and videos from your old device to your new device. Thanks to Smart Switch Windows now we can do a seamless transfer without a hassle.

Introducing Smart Switch

Smart Switch is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry mobiles therefore you can upgrade your mobile phone into a new Samsung Galaxy mobile in no time with one click. Ready your PC with a stable WIFI connection or a USB cable to connect your devices to the PC.

Smart Switch Windows is pretty simple to use all you have to do is download Smart Switch Windows to your PC and create a backup copy of the data of your old mobile, finally connect your new Samsung device to the PC and choose what data you need to transfer to your new mobile device.

Our favorite thing about this application is doing the transfer using a USB cable with the help of your PC as an intermediary, In this way, you will finish the transfer within five simple minutes.

How to Download Smart Switch Windows on PC

To download the application, you need to have Windows PC with Windows 7 or an upgrade version, with 512MB RAM or higher, CPU with Pentium 4; 2.4 GHz or higher, and Screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 (600), 32 bit.

If you have the above requirements follow the given steps to download Smart Switch Windows easily,

Step 01: Start by launching your default web browser on your PC. Make sure your PC has the above requirements

Step 02: Visit the given link “Smart Switch Windows” and read through to understand how it works

Step 03: Scroll down the page until you see “Samsung Smart Switch Windows” in the middle of the page

Step 04: Click on the “Download” button

Step 05: Click “Keep” to keep the file on your PC

Step 06: Select the downloaded file Smart Switch Windows and “Click” on “Open”

Step 07: Give access to install the application to your PC

Step 08: Click on “Agree” to the license agreement and it will complete the installation

How does Smart Switch Windows Works?

Step 01: Launch the downloaded application “Smart Switch Windows” on your PC

Step 02: Connect your old mobile device to your Windows PC by using a USB cable, where you have all your old files. The application will automatically detect your device and would recommend all kinds of available options.

Step 03: To create a backup – click on the “More” button which is located at the upper right corner of the application. This will create a wide-ranging backup file of your Samsung phone on the system.

Step 04: If you don’t need every es=existing file. Click on “Preferences” to see and choose the items that need to be backed up, and click on “Backup Items”

Step 05: Your device will display an access notification, click on “Allow” to grant permission

Step 06: Give it some time to create the backup and once its done click “Ok” to view the backup

Step 07: Give access to install the application to your PC

Step 08: Connect your new dices and agree to the license agreement

Step 09: Choose “Backup or Restore Now”  – then choose which backup that you need to have on your new device

 Step 10: Your device will display an access notification, click on “Allow” to grant permission

Step 11: Within a few minutes the data transfer will be completed and you will be notified of what data has been successfully restored

Top Solutions and Features

  • Smart Switch will keep your data safe in the transmission period
  • Wireless transfer, transfer using USB is available with Smart Switch Windows
  • Transfer all your content from your iOS device to your new Samsung Galaxy device
  • Seamless and time-saving content transfer
  • Be selective on what you need to transfer
  • Data synchronizing between your devices

Compatible Mobile Devices

  • Latest Galaxy mobile devices and tablets starting from Galaxy S2
  • Huawei, HTC, Sony, LG, Google, Vivo, OPPO, Xiaomi, Panasonic, Lenovo, Blackberry, Acer Laptops
  • iOS mobile phones


  • Name: Samsung Smart Switch for Windows
  • Requirements: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11
  • Available Languages: Arabic, English, French, and Portuguese
  • Default Language: English
  • Payment: Free
  • Owner: Samsung

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Samsung Smart Switch?

Samsung Smart Switch is a group of desktop and mobile applications which were designed and developed by Samsung especially for their Galaxy users to ensure smooth data transfer between the old and new devices.

Desktop applications are widely used for synchronizing and creating backup and restore from one device to another, while the APK download helps to transfer data from one device to another. It’s mobile application is already available in your Galaxy device which supports the majority of data types and iOS mobile devices.

Restrictions on Samsung Smart Switch?

Smart Switch is pretty user-friendly and supports almost all types of data and files. However, there are some data types it does not support which are third-part account-related data, application data, DRM-protected files, WhatsApp messages, and bookmarks. As an example, Your google account details, emails wallpapers, and applications be missing after the restoration.

Is it time-consuming to use Samsung Smart Switch?

Most of the time the transfer will be completed in no time but it truly depends on the facts such as your chosen mode of transfer, the volume of the data available. This is why we always love to use this via a USB cable because it will protect your data in the transition time and if the process failed in half due to connection failures you won’t lose any data.

If you are moving a few numbers of file transfers will be done within a few minutes but if you have a huge backup file it can be taken up to 30 minutes or more. 

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