Secret Tips From Professional Florists to Make Flowers Alive for Longer

Make Flowers Alive for Longer: Do you love to treasure the blooms that you receive on special occasions from a special someone but flowers wilt? If you come across the problem of a flower wilting and want to find out the right solution, here is a good read for you.

Tips to Make Flower Alive for Longer

Flowers play an essential role in establishing any relationship. Using these tips you can preserve the beauty of flowers received on all the important occasions like your anniversary, your birthdays, and more. Every Toronto florist shop or any other shop across the world uses these tips to keep their flowers fresh.

Sprinkle Soda Over Cut Flowers to Make Flower Alive for Longer

Do you know that soda can infuse a new lease of life to the cut flowers? This is one of the best methods to make flowers alive for longer. You can pour about one-fourth cup of soda into the water of the vase full of cut flowers. Soda is loaded with a lot of sugar that can make the blossoms last for a long time. So, it is good not to throw the last drops of soda that you have and use them to keep your flowers alive.

Cut the Stems Before Placing

If you buy flowers from a professional florist, you should cut the stems before keeping them in water. If you are buying the arrangement from a pro, they will be already cut. You should clip the stems for a few days. When you do so, freshwater will penetrate through the stem. Cut about one inch from the bottom of the stem at a 45-degree angle. This will enable the cut flowers to absorb water proficiently and the entire arrangement will remain alive for a long time.

Remove Extra Foliage From the Cut Flowers

It is good to remove all the extra leaves and foliage from the plant to decrease the chances of any bacterial growth in water. If the water can be kept clean for a long time, there would be no scope of developing bacteria in it which means your blooms will be kept fresh for a long time. Pull off all the surplus leaves and all foliage to make flowers alive for longer.

Make Sure to Change Water Every Alternate Day

Clean water will keep your cut flower alive for many days and hence you should keep on changing the water every alternate day. Firstly, rinse the vase thoroughly and fill it two-thirds with water. You can also try using plant food to extend the life of the flowers.

Add Two Spoonfuls of Sugar and a Teaspoonful of Bleach

You should always add tepid water to the vase unless there are bulb flowers like tulips or hyacinths that need cold water. Add a teaspoonful of sugar’s carbohydrates that will feed the stems and a tbsp of bleach that can keep bacteria at bay. Consider adding this at regular intervals for the long life of cut flowers.

Avoid Direct Sunlight, Fruits, and Also Drafts

Your flowers will stay fresh for a long time at a cool temperature. Never make the mistake of keeping them exposed the direct sunlight or near the appliances that produce heat. Also, do not keep flowers near the ripening fruits as they emit ethylene which makes cut flowers wilt sooner.

Place the Entire Arrangement in Fridge

Giving a bouquet to anyone is a good way to express our feelings. Place the whole arrangement in the fridge overnight. This will extend the longevity of the cut flowers. Flowers thrive in cooler temperatures and lower temperature slows down the entire aging process. Most people keep their floral bouquets in the fridge so that they retain their beauty and last for a long time.

Bottom Line

It is true that keeping the cut blooms fresh for a long time can be a difficult task. But, if you know the right tips and tricks, you can preserve their beauty for a long time. Reach out to a Toronto florist shop and when you send flowers to your dear ones, let them know how they can make the blooms last for a long time. 

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