Technology Is A Friend To Fight against Covid-19 Virus

Covid-19 virus n Technology: The year 2020 made us aware that how a small particle of life can shake the whole world at once. Yes, we are talking about none but the terrific Covid-19 virus. Starting from 2020, this virus had first attacked the people of China. Many news and rumors also published against China that this virus is a deliberate outcome of Chinese biochemical laboratory.

Whatever the cause may be, it is proved that this horrific virus has first derived from the Chinese market of Wuhan city. We all know that china is the hub of technology. Most of the country would be doomed completely if china stopped manufacturing electronic gadgets. Even after being technically strong, the country became a major failure to stop the spread of the virus.

FourCreeds say it is also undeniable that with the help of technology today, the world has successfully invented the vaccine for coronavirus. Although the situation is out of control still there is hope for light. Here we will discuss technology became a friend to fight against Covid-19 virus.

Information technology:

After the devastating spread of the coronavirus when people were helpless, then Chinese microbiologists and biochemists identified the series of the genome. To let everyone know about the new invention, Chinese crew members posted an article regarding the genome on the internet.

It helped on a huge scale to carry out the research on covid throughout the whole world. That published article was full of information so that before inventing the vaccine, doctors from every nation were able to provide primary treatment of corona.

The Usefulness of Drones:

Covid spread the disease on a massive scale. Billions of people died in last year and even now the number of death is increasing. In such an adverse scenario, who else will stand beside one instead of a human?  In the areas where corona attacked with all its power, there it was almost impossible to rescue people.

The intervention of drones has helped there on a major scale. By flying drones, the rescue team was able to communicate with sick people. They continue to survey the safety guidelines, which all should not disobey. 

Online Informative Mobile Apps:

To make people out of panic, several countries took different initiatives. One of them is launching health applications that can be easily downloaded on mobiles. This health monitoring app will always monitor the condition health of a person.

After installing the app, one should provide a little information about that person, and then he will be asked to update the status of his health today. Now, day by day, the more a person will update the app by providing his health condition, the more it will convey the message of how he is improving.

This app also updates necessary precautions, a healthy diet, and the latest news about covid 19.

Online Banking:

The advancement of technology has made everything very easy for us. Money is an most essential part of our daily life. Without it, we can’t end our day. While covid is out there and all are talking about physical distancing, there the presence of online banking made our financial transaction easier.

While many people lost their job due to covid, there are many financial bodies who have started to provide loans for people on benefits.  There are some money lending of the UK who are helping these unemployed people by lending money. So, if you need emergency money now, UK is lending those people. The best part about this lender is they will complete the whole process online.

Getting Help at the Doorstep:

Technology is a real friend nowadays. Different news channels have been published on how helping hands have reached the doorstep of sick people. Covid-19 virus is such a virus that infects a people within few minutes if he comes at the contact of any other infected people.

For this reason, it became difficult to reach the boundary of infected people. The role of social media becomes important here. People ask for help on social media by posting their necessities. There are volunteers who are actively using social media for lending their helping hand.

So whenever the volunteers see their posts, they immediately try to mitigate their issues, and people get relieved.

Information is on its Way:

Although it will sound impossible, still there are people who do not know the proper usage of withering masks or sanitizers. In order to let them educated, the Government, as well as the celebrities of our society, is coming up with several videos.

Moreover, with the advancement of technology, people are now getting help directly from doctors without visiting any hospitals. It has been observed that people who are tested corona positive, start panicking and out of fear, they feel more helpless. For them, doctors have started new initiatives.

By connecting through video, call those positive corona people getting treatment even sitting inside the home.

School is at Home:

That day had passed when students used to visit schools and colleges. With the high rise of covid, now students are continuing their lessons from home. This also became possible due to technology.

Teachers are taking online classes over video conferences, and students are also attending those online classes. So, it is clearly visible how technology is behaving as a friend on a large scale.


Pandemic or Covid-19 virus did not affect us much as technology behaves as a friend to us. The advancement of technology is ultimately a blessing.

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