Image Optimization in WordPress – 5 Tips to Speed Up Your Site

Image Optimization: Sometimes a slow loading of the web pages in a WordPress site occurs because of the images of full size. It has the following effects on your site:

  • The bounce rate of your site increases
  • SEO of your site gets affected
  • Visitors can leave your site

However, by using a number of methods you can improve your site’s speed or we can say maintain your WordPress site. A very popular method among these is the optimization of images. Now I am going to give you 5 tips on how to use image optimization so as to speed up your site.

1. Select the file type that is right –

PNG and JPEG are the two image formats that you can choose for saving the image files when using software for editing the pictures like Photoshop. So, among PNG and JPEG, which format will you choose for saving the file? You can select the right format after seeing the features of the two:

  • PNG – For saving the screenshots, text, drawings, and graphics, PNG is the best. Unlike JPEGs, transparency is supported by PNGs. PNG also has a feature because of which the size of the files increases as well as their quality improves and this feature is known as lossless compression.
  • JPEG – If there is a use of colors of a huge variety in certain pictures and photographs then for saving these pictures and photographs, the best option is JPEG. JPEG also has a feature because of which the size of the file is reduced and its quality is sacrificed and this feature is known as compressing the images.

We may work with the image of a particular type which determines the format of the file for saving it.

2. Go for resizing the images –

The size of the image file reduces by shrinking its dimensions. With a reduction in the physical size of the file, you can have a nimble and light site. You cannot upload a more than 1000 pixels file in a site having 1000 pixels width. In WordPress, optimizing the images can be difficult for you if their dimensions are more than required. The file size does not change by using a WP feature known as the thumbnail. The size of the file will simply appear smaller by using this feature. For a resize of various widths of files, the shrinking in the sizes of the files is given below:

  • The file shrinks to 154 kb if its width is 600 pixels.
  • The file shrinks to 219 kb if its width is 800 pixels.
  • The file shrinks to 298 kb if its width is 1000 pixels.
  • The file shrinks to 394 kb if its width is 1200 pixels.

If a WP site uses Optimole then in a minimum possible time a resizing of the files is possible.

3. Do cropping of the images –

As we already know that for reducing the size of the file or for image optimization a method that is easy and quick is to resize the file. This method helps in creating a smaller copy of the image. A number of elements of the file can be seen clearly when we shrink it after a limit. If there is an unclear focal point of the file then the shrinking of this type can create problems. In this situation, we can resize a file by using an alternative method known as cropping in image optimization. Here we trim the area surrounding the edges but we do not shrink the complete file. In cropping, we remove every background distraction, and then we can prominently show the desired portion of the image.

4. Perform lossy compression (lowering down the quality of the image) –

It is possible to compress a file even after resizing and cropping it. Have you ever heard of lossy compression that JPEG supports? You can compress JPEG files in an effective manner by using this technique. Here, for reducing the size of the file, we can do a stripping of the image data. For instance, when there is a minute difference in the color of the two pixels that are very close to each other, then we can use a single color for both the pixels.

5. Use a content delivery network for serving the images –

Image Optimization: The speed of your site gets affected by how distant is the server of your website from the location of the visitor. The visitor has to wait for more if this distance is more. Install a CDN for solving a problem of this kind. All over the world, there is a network of servers known as content delivery network and any of these servers can be used for the purpose of storing your site. With this, the user who wants to visit your site can use the server that is nearest to him.

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